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A Message from Interim Superintendant Dr. Monique Felder:

Our Commitment to Safety and Discipline in Montgomery County Public Schools

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APRIL 2024

Dear Students, Staff and Families,

Welcome back, everyone! As we return from spring break, it's crucial to address a pressing issue: the safety and well-being of every member of our school community. While overall students are following expectations, student behavior has been at the forefront in community discussions, among students and staff, and, lately, in the news. Discussions center on disrespect, student fights, bullying, and other inappropriate behavior. 

Parents, staff, students and our community are concerned. So are we, and that’s why we have been working to reset expectations around the Montgomery County Public Schools Student Code of Conduct. MCPS stands firm in our dedication to upholding the principles outlined in the Code of Conduct, which includes consequences for prohibited behaviors. It’s important that, in addition to our staff, our community and students understand the expectations as well. We communicated this as an expectation for action with all school administrators prior to spring break and, while typically done, we have reminded them to revisit behavioral expectations and consequences for students and staff within the first few days after spring break.

What is the MCPS Student Code of Conduct?

Operationally, the MCPS Student Code of Conduct identifies a full range of prohibited behaviors. It outlines progressive consequences rooted in behavior intervention that should be rehabilitative, restorative, educational, and administered fairly. The code also outlines when a school principal must consider suspension and expulsion and when they are appropriate for the severity of any offense. Bottomline: It is an essential tool for maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment and takes a comprehensive approach to achieving this goal.

However, at its core, the Code of Conduct is about taking care of people – our students, staff, and the entire school community. By upholding the Student Code of Conduct, we are setting clear expectations for behavior while promoting respect, empathy, and inclusivity. Upholding the Student Code of Conduct provides a framework for students to understand the impact of their actions on others and encourages them to take responsibility for their behavior. When we reinforce the Student Code of Conduct, we send a powerful message to our students that their well-being matters and that we are committed to creating a positive and nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Let’s be clear: a safe schoolhouse in which students and staff have a sense of security and belonging is essential so that all students and staff can teach and learn at high levels.

Beyond using the Code of Conduct, MCPS is taking many measures to provide for physical and emotional safety in schools and offices, such as:

Physical Safety Measures: MCPS takes various security measures, including locked exterior doors, security vestibules with mandatory check-in procedures, video surveillance, alarms, and ensured appropriate security personnel at all middle and high schools. Recently, we further enhanced security by adding fencing and gates, operationalizing hundreds of new cameras at elementary schools, and improving locking devices for classroom doors.

Security Measures: Continuous monitoring of school grounds and implementation of new security protocols by our school safety staff aim to ensure a safe learning environment for all students. This includes heightened monitoring of school bathrooms and other areas not covered by security cameras.

Police Partnerships: MCPS and local law enforcement have a strong partnership, and law enforcement personnel regularly review security and emergency procedures. We review our emergency operations plan annually and work in concert with the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety and School Safety Coordinator.

Comprehensive Training: All staff and administrators undergo annual training to heighten awareness of bullying, harassment, hate-bias incidents, and microaggressions. This training emphasizes the importance of inclusivity, respectful relationships, and the reporting structures expected of every staff member.

Reporting Mechanisms: We are auditing and enhancing reporting systems for instances of misconduct to ensure clarity and accessibility, including language translation services.

Partnerships: Collaboration with community organizations, parents, and guardians is vital in addressing issues of safety and inclusivity and other social-emotional supports for students.. Together, we can create a secure and welcoming environment for all students.

Supportive Communication: Informative letters and community meetings where as much verified and factual information as possible is shared. Student privacy law (FERPA) often prohibits the sharing of certain information. While this may understandably pose frustrations, particularly in contexts where transparency is desired, it's crucial to recognize that these regulations are in place to uphold the safety and privacy rights of all students. Central services staff have and continue to evaluate protocols to support school-to-home communications for serious incidents.

For the future, we are also considering new tools such as vape detectors, weapons detection systems, and mandatory student and staff IDs to ensure students are where they are supposed to be. Comprehensive methods such as these can foster higher levels of safety and minimize incidents that violate the Student Code of Conduct. 

Community involvement is crucial for successful school safety. When individuals, families, local businesses, law enforcement, and other stakeholders partner with schools to prioritize safety, effectiveness rises. Parents and caregivers can contribute to the overall safety culture of the school community by instilling values of respect, kindness, and responsibility in their children, fostering open communication, actively engaging with school policies, and promoting positive behaviors at home.

Should you have any questions about safety at your school, please contact your school principal.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration in creating a safe environment for our educational community.

In service to children,

Monique Felder, Ph.D.
Interim Superintendent of Schools

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MCPS Student Hate-Bias Video

Trojan community –

The purpose of this message is to provide a brief overview of MCPS’ recent work around combating hate-bias - and to share the student-produced anti bullying/hate-bias video which is a key component of the MCPS communications campaign.

MCPS has created a district-wide team to develop a comprehensive approach to combatting all forms of bullying and hate-bias in our schools.  An MCPS video was released in March to the community in Things to Know to preview this work.  The comprehensive approach is rooted within the following three pillars:


Pillar One

  • Ensure that all staff and students have a basic understanding of the cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, gender expression, and sexual orientation of their school community so they can support a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Build awareness of the community to have a basic understanding of the cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, gender expression, and sexual orientation of their school so they can support a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Equip all leaders with adaptive strategies to mitigate and repair harm as a result of  hate/bias instances.

Pillar Two

  • Ensure that all students, families, and staff understand the reporting process and feel safe to use it.
  • Establish and hold ourselves accountable for clear guidelines in communicating incidents of hate bias.

Pillar Three

  • Develop clear and transparent guidelines for response, restoration and support ensuring culturally responsive, anti-racist and anti-bias responses. 

IMPORTANT:  As part of pillar one, here is the student video that was released last week in Thursday’s Things to Know:  student anti bullying/hate-bias video


comunidad troyana –

El propósito de este mensaje es proporcionar una breve descripción del trabajo reciente de MCPS para combatir el prejuicio de odio y compartir el video contra el acoso y el prejuicio de odio producido por estudiantes, que es un componente clave de la campaña de comunicaciones de MCPS.

MCPS ha creado un equipo para todo el distrito para desarrollar un enfoque integral para combatir todas las formas de intimidación y prejuicios de odio en nuestras escuelas. En marzo se publicó un vídeo de MCPS para la comunidad en Things to Know para obtener una vista previa de este trabajo. El enfoque integral se basa en los tres pilares siguientes:


Pilar uno

  • Asegúrese de que todo el personal y los estudiantes tengan una comprensión básica de la expresión cultural, étnica, racial, religiosa, de género y orientación sexual de su comunidad escolar para que puedan apoyar un entorno seguro e inclusivo.
  • Crear conciencia en la comunidad para que tenga una comprensión básica de la expresión cultural, étnica, racial, religiosa, de género y orientación sexual de su escuela para que puedan apoyar un ambiente seguro e inclusivo.
  • Equipar a todos los líderes con estrategias adaptativas para mitigar y reparar el daño como resultado de casos de odio/prejuicio.

Pilar dos

  • Asegúrese de que todos los estudiantes, familias y personal comprendan el proceso de presentación de informes y se sientan seguros al utilizarlo.
  • Establecer y responsabilizarnos por pautas claras para comunicar incidentes de prejuicios de odio.

Pilar tres

  • Desarrollar directrices claras y transparentes para la respuesta, la restauración y el apoyo que garanticen respuestas culturalmente receptivas, antirracistas y antisesgos.

IMPORTANTE: Como parte del pilar uno, aquí está el video estudiantil que se publicó la semana pasada en Things to Know del jueves: video estudiantil contra el acoso y el prejuicio del odio.


GHS has chartered busses to take those in need of transportation to graduation at UMBC. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Seats are $25 per person and may be purchased via School Cash Online. To purchase, please complete this form. A link for purchase will be provided after submission of the form. 

(posted 04.15.24)

Graduation Date - Class of 2024

The date for graduation for the Class of 2024 is June 12, at 2pm, at UMBC. Each senior will receive 8 tickets. There are no extra tickets and tickets are not for purchase. Students will receive the tickets along with their cap and gown at rehearsal on June 10. 

(Updated - 04.15.24)

Prom 2024

Prom will be May 11, 2024, at Bohrer Park, from 7-11. Cost is $50 and includes dinner and dancing. Tickets will go on sale April 8 - May 3, purchase may be made on School Cash Online. Guest approval forms are required for all guests invited by a GHS senior or junior who does attend Gaithersburg High school. Forms are due by May 3rd. 

(posted 03/20/24)

SAT School Day at GHS

Attention students! Juniors, you will take the SAT exam on SAT School Day Wednesday March 20th here at GHS. You are already registered for this exam and the cost is free for you. If you are NOT a junior but would like to take the SAT exam on March 20th, please pick up a flyer in the main office. The flyer has instructions for you to follow. The cost for you to take the exam is $42 and you must pay online using our school cash online (SCO) payment system on the GHS website. The deadline to register and pay for the exam is Saturday February 10th. Any questions, please contact Ms. McEwan in office 2031 or send her an email.

(posted 02-02-24)

New Revisions to Attendance and Grading Policy

GHS students and families –

MCPS will be releasing the following information after winter break – both of which will go into effect on January 30th, 2024 with the beginning of semester 2:

Revised Period Attendance Language:  In alignment with the Well-Being and Family Engagement and Professional and Operational Excellence pillars of the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Strategic Plan, and MCPS Regulation JEA-RA Student Attendance, each classroom teacher is responsible for recording accurate attendance for all students, every period of a school day.

The MCPS Attendance Policy outlines that students are expected to attend all of their classes – for the entire class period – unless they have an excuse.

Below is the revised MCPS period attendance calculation for secondary students that will go into effect beginning Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the first day of the second semester.

  • PRESENT for Class = student is in class when the bell rings and stays for the entire class period
  • LATE for Class = student is late to class for up to 50% of the scheduled class period
  • ABSENT for Class = student misses more than 50% of the scheduled class period.

For more information on the MCPS Regulation JEA-RA Student Attendance please see here:

 Revised Grading Policy:  MCPS has released updates to the Grading and Reporting guidelines that will be implemented beginning Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the first day of the second semester. 

IMPORTANT Items to Note

  • The interim marking period report will inform the parent/guardian of students in danger of failing or of dropping more than one letter grade from the previous marking period.
  • If a student shows a marked decline in achievement after the interim marking period report, the teacher will inform (e.g., phone call, email, or text) the parent/guardian of this decline in a timely manner and document communication.
  • A “Z” in writing for each course, subject, or the gradebook is used to denote that the student did not submit an assignment by the due date but still has an opportunity to submit the missing work. If the student does not turn in the assignment after support and intervention, the teacher may change the “Z” to a final grade level of a 0%.
  • Teachers must designate assignments eligible for reassessment with an “R” in the gradebook.
  • Students can receive an “0” grade for making no concerted effort on an assignment and/or assessment (students must make an effort to complete the assignment and/or assessment).

(posted 01-24-24)

Second Semester Parking

Students: you must reapply for a parking pass for second semester. You can complete the pre-approval form HERE. You must be free of obligations to purchase a permit. 

Student Parking Permits are required for all students wanting to park their vehicle in the Gaithersburg HS parking lot.

The cost for a one semester student parking permit is $39.00.

Students and parents will receive an email with additional information after the form is filled out.

(posted 01-18-24)


We're ready to start taking orders for cap and gown. The cost is $85. Orders may be placed at *PLEASE NOTE: You only need to order the "cap and gown unit." This unit includes everything you need for graduation: cap, gown, tassel, and stole. The black tassel offered is a souvenir tassel and will not be used for graduation. You may also use the QR code below to order. The window to order will be open until January 26, 2024.

A qr code with a logo

Description automatically generated

Question? Please email Ms. Smith or stop by 2007. 

(posted 11/13/23)

Senior Information

Need to take your senior portraits? Looking for graduation information? Check out the Seniors page for all the details! 

GHS is a Free Breakfast School

Did you know? 

A message from the Maryland Division of Food & Nutrition Services (DFNS) - Maryland Meals For Achievement (MMFA)

What is Maryland Meals For Achievement (MMFA) Breakfast?

  • MMFA Breakfast provides state funding to offer free breakfast in the classroom for all students. Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) will be providing free student breakfast through MMFA at 117 schools in the 2023-2024 school year, including 28 new schools. By increasing access to breakfast at no charge, we are fueling students for academic success.

  • Breakfast will be FREE, and students will have the opportunity to eat breakfast in their classroom. We encourage families to check out menus here and students to eat breakfast at school, fueling them to learn each day.

How does MMFA operate?

  • Students are eligible to receive one free meal breakfast each. In secondary schools, students may pick up breakfast in the cafeteria to eat before period 1..

When will MMFA start?

  • Schools previously operating MMFA will start MMFA operations on the first day of school.

  • Free breakfast will be available to students at all MMFA schools starting with the first day of school.

(posted 08/23/23)


Parent/Guardian Consent for Use of Additional On-Line Services for High School Students

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) requires consent from parents/guardians (or eligible students) to provide high school students with access to Google’s G Suite Additional Services (such as YouTube) as part of their individual student accounts. Once parents/guardians give consent, this consent remains valid for the entire time the student is enrolled in an MCPS high school (but may be rescinded at any time).

In an effort to assist schools in assigning rights for Google Additional Services (such as YouTube) for new high school students, families can access the Google Suite Additional Services consent form in their ParentVue account.

Parents/Guardians – you can view all the applications that MCPS uses at the link below. ParentVue is where parents/guardians will (1) update any personal information, (2) register for athletics, (3) register for summer school and much more. 

The link to the list of ParentVue updates is:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our main office at 301-284-4500.

(posted 08/30/23)

Seal of Biliteracy

Did you know that you could earn the Maryland Seal of Biliteracy on your diploma if you are bilingual?  The Maryland Seal of Biliteracy recognizes high school graduates who have attained high levels of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in one or more languages in addition to English. Please complete this survey, it will help us provide you the necessary support you will need to achieve this special recognition.

(posted 05/31/23)