Mr. Cary DimmickPrincipal   

I am so excited to be a part of the rich tradition of Gaithersburg High School.  I am so thankful and appreciative of the incredible welcome and support I have received from the students, staff and community during my transition to GHS.  Throughout this year, I have been amazed at the enthusiasm of our students, the dedication of   our staff , and the unrelenting support from our families. It is my hope that we begin channel this positive energy into spreading the great aspects of Gaithersburg HS as we continue to create   opportunities to expand upon the existing school spirit.  We have committed ourselves to continue to be creative in our work as we prepare and support all of our students for career choices   upon graduation.  We will continue to build upon our excellent array of career preparation programs, including advanced placement classes, certification courses, and a wide variety of   electives.  We will also continue to support our extracurricular opportunities for students, as we grow our arts, music and athletic programs – as well as our student clubs and activities.  I am   so excited as to where we can take our students – and what we can help them become beyond Gaithersburg.  Thank you for your continued support of our students, staff and community.  



Mr. Jesse LoznakAssistant Principal  

It is an honor to be working at Gaithersburg High School and I look forward to celebrating in the successes of our students.   This year I will be working with students whose last name falls between Mei – Ri.  I also oversee the Math and Counseling Departments.  Let’s make it a great year. 

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Mrs. Brittany Love-Campbell,  Assistant Principal  

I am so excited to remain a part of the Gaithersburg High School community where I have served as an English teacher, English resource teacher, and now Assistant Principal. I have a deep commitment to the success of GHS students, ensuring that the education they receive is one that is equitable, culturally relevant, and preparatory for life beyond high school. I know our Trojans are capable of accomplishing the most amazing things!

  Ms. Dana Shelton, Assistant Principal  

I am so excited to be a part of the Gburg family.  Teaching and learning is my passion.  Having integrity, building relationships, and supporting others is the core of who I am. My educational philosophy is that I believe all students are capable of learning.  I truly believe this, and I am here to help our school make it happen.  I love meeting and getting to know people, so my door is always open.  I look forward to learning and working with the students, staff, and the community.

Mr. Andrew Suarez, Assistant Principal 

To say I love GHS is an understatement. As a proud Trojan alum (‘03), I am excited beyond measure to serve the students, staff, and community of Gaithersburg  - a community and school that has done so much for me. I have spent the last 14 years as a high school teacher, coach, and Assistant Principal in North Carolina preparing to return home to you, Gaithersburg!



  Ms. Kisheena Wanzer, Assistant Principal

As a proud alumnus of the (Class of 1990), I began my educational career here and serves as a proud parent, I am exuberant to join the Gaithersburg High School community again.  For the past 25 years, I have served as a paraeducator, Special Education teacher, resource teacher, Dean of Students, Assistant School Administrator and Assistant Principal.  My leadership is centered around the core values of building relationships, collaboration with stakeholders, and equity as a Culturally Responsive School Leader.


   Mrs. Patricia DonnerBusiness Administrator   

I am proud and excited to be starting my 9th year as School Business Administrator at Gaithersburg High School. It is my goal is to provide excellent service to all of the students, staff and community of GHS.