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Career Readiness for students

Accounting and Finance

Is Accounting and Finance for You?

  • Do you want to cross the boundaries of success, business, and life?
  • Are you interested selecting, analyzing, relevant financial information?
  • Are you creative and interested in making economic decisions?
  • Do you want to experience hands-on practice with business management?
  • Have you survey the world of business and seek the technical aspects of broad areas of business?

About the Program

This program provides students with the knowledge necessary to manage and maintain a company's financial resources.  Students will learn to apply generally accepted accounting principles to determine the value of assets, liabilities, and owner's equity as they apply to various forms of manual and computerized systems for service and merchandising business.  Students will also focus on accounting procedures necessary to address long and short-term assets and investments, long and short-term liabilities, inventory management and accounting ratios in the decision-making process.  A comprehensive study of the accounting procedures used in establishing corporations, declaring and paying dividends, the formation and dissolution of partnerships, distribution of net income and owners' equity statements is included in this program of study.  Students will identify positions and career paths in the field of accounting and fiancé and will examine the role of ethics and social responsibility in decision process.

Sample Course Plan for Accounting

Sample Courses

Certifications/Awards for Completing High School Plan

  • Articulation Agreement:  Earn three college credits at Montgomery College through the MCPS articulation agreement by earning a B or higher in the articulated courses and completing the entire high school plan.
    How to receive articulated credit from Accounting.
  • Complete Work Based Learning Experience prior to graduation and work with industry business partners and other professionals during coursework.

Local Colleges Offering a Continuation of the Program


Where this Program is Offered

If this program is not available at your school, meet with your counselor to select courses that will allow you to explore your interest in these careers.