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Career Readiness for students

Automotive Technology Maintenance and Light Repair (MLR)

Is Automotive Technology Maintenanace and Light Repair (MLR) for You?

  • Do you like to discover how things work?
  • Do you enjoy building and assembling things?
  • Are you a problem solver?
  • Do you like to see instant progress with your work?

About the Program

Standards covered include an introduction to tool and equipment safety; introduction to shop equipment; vehicle maintenance; brake service; brake system repair; automotive electricity, battery and charging system; and employability and communication skills. This course aligns to the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) Maintenance & Light Repair (MLR) standards

Sample Course Plan for Automotive Technology/Dealership Training 

Sample Courses

Certifications/Awards for Completing High School Plan

Student ASE Certifications - in up to eight areas including: General Service Technician, Brakes, Suspension, Electrical, Engine Performance

S/P2 Certifications - Safety and Pollution

Snap-On multi meter certification

Earn college credits while in High School

Local Colleges Offering a Continuation of the Program

dealership training

Career Opportunities

Where this Program is Offered

If this program is not available at your school, meet with your counselor to select courses that will allow you to explore your interest in these careers.