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Options for supporting students in the mathematics classroom are varied based on the needs of the student. Materials need to be provided digitally for successful implementation of the most of the options. Student displays needs in the following areas: fine motor, decoding, language as well as organization.

Student struggles with language of mathematics

Use text to speech for all math assignments so that the student can focus on the mathematical thinking without struggling with decoding. Support math vocabulary with multiple representations and explicit vocabulary instruction.
Quick Guide: Installing and Using the Read&Write for Google Toolbar
Quick Guide: Supporting Vocabulary with Read&Write for Google

Student’s handwriting is messy

Teach students to use an electronic means to represent math. Students need consistent practice using electronic tools to achieve mastery with the tool therefore it should be included as part of daily instruction.
Quick Guide: Equation editor options in chrome
Quick Guide: Graphing tools
Quick Guide: Graphing tool--Desmos Graphing Calculator 
Quick Guide: Graphing tool--GeoGebra Graphing Calculator 
Quick Guide: Drawing tools in google docs and slides
Quick Guide: Using Google Drawings with Math Tasks
Using tables to support math organization
Math speech to text with Equations

Manipulating math tools

Online math tools can provide students with alternate way of interacting with math idea and concepts when they can’t physically participate. Additionally there are some hands-on alternatives for students who cannot physically manipulate math tools.
Quick Guide: Hands on Math tools adaptations  
Links to free math tools for graphing, geometry, 3D, and more!
Mathpad Construction Tool
Desmos Graphing Calculator

There are many online math sites that allow students interact with math tools and concepts digitally. 
Math Websites


Students who struggle with decoding may need reading support in math. Students need familiarity with math symbols. When teachers develop their resources and materials using an equation editor there is consistency with the mathematical symbols which support students with decoding needs. Students may also need support with navigating through word problems as they reading utilizing the highlighting tools can students organizing their thoughts to problem solve.
Quick Guide: Equation editor options in chrome
Quick Guide: Installing and Using the Read&Write for Google Toolbar
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