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Tests, Quizzes, and Worksheets

The options here depend on your ability to provide classroom materials in digital format. Ensuring that your paper materials are all created in a digital format first makes it easy to provide all of your students a choice between paper/pencil and digital response options.

Quick Guide: Accessibility Guidelines for Preparing Curriculum Materials

Student cannot read questions 


Provide the worksheet or quiz in digital format so that the student can use text to speech.
Quick Guide: Text to Speech in the Chrome Browser using Read&Write for Google
There are many web based tools that provide the option to create quizzes students can access online. This allow them to use the text reader in Read and Write for Google. Some examples include:

Student cannot retrieve key content vocabulary with ease


Provide organizers, word banks, picture vocabulary along with the worksheet or as a study support.
Quick Guide: Supporting Vocabulary with Read&Write for Google
Quick Guide: Creating Word Banks
Quick Guide: Where to find images to support vocabulary

Student cannot handwrite to label maps/graphics


Given an electronic version of the assignment and allowing digital annotations can reduce/eliminate the barrier of handwriting.
For math worksheets, see Math.
Quick Guide: Supporting Drawing Tools in Google Docs and Slides
Quick Guide: Installing the PDF Reader in Read&Write for Google

Student cannot fit writing in the spaces provided on paper


Create your materials using Google Docs. This will ensure that students can use the tools in Read&Write for Google.

Provide electronic version of PDFs.
Quick Guide: Read&Write’s PDF Reader annotation tool.