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Oral Presentations

Communicating to a group in public can involve a number of unnecessary barriers for students. Providing options in methods and tools to present to a group can help address variability in speaking fluency, anxiety, memory and a number of other challenges, which may cause the following challenges:

Student is hard to understand when speaking. 

Encourage the student to integrate more visuals to support the presentation to provide context for listeners. Quick Guide Multimedia resources to support support oral presentationsAllow the student to record a presentation Quick Guide Use a Screen Recording  tool to create screencasts to support whole class presentations and individual on-demand playback.
Youtube: How to narrate Google Slides 

Student resists speaking in front of peers.

Allow student to record narration along with their presentation so that they don’t have to present “live.”
Youtube link: How to narrate Google Slides
Supplement the presentation with multimedia resources to reduce or limit the need for the student to orally report
Quick Guide: Using multimedia resources to support student oral presentations