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FAQ - MCPS Invoice Payment


What is iReceivables?

iReceivables is an application in FMS that helps MCPS reduce the cost of billing and collection while improving overall customer service. It provides customers with the self-service capability to manage their own accounts and pay, print, and dispute invoices online. iReceivables has the same easy to use look and feel as iProcurement. For more information about iReceivables, refer to the Managing MCPS Invoices Online page and to the iReceivables user's guide.


What functionalities does iReceivables provide?

iReceivables gives customers self-service access to their own accounts with real-time balance and transaction information. iReceivables also improves MCPS efficiency and customer satisfaction. It allows MCPS customers to pay invoices and submit disputes online. Automated payment processing and dispute management reduces receivables and collections cycle times, improves cash flow, and lowers days receivable outstanding. iReceivables manages payments and ensures data security. It enables customers to initiate and monitor their own transactions when and how they want.


During the account self registration process, how do we find a receipt or invoice related information?

The answers to security questions can be found on your monthly blue statement.


How do I sign up to make electronic payments?

You can pay invoices electronically using iReceivables. iReceivables allows schools to select invoices for payment and to process the payment electronically. The Division of Controller will take the payment information from iReceivables and send it to the bank for posting to school IAF bank accounts.

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Can I transfer iReceivables ACH payments to SFO?

There is no posting transfer process. Payments should be recorded under the directions issued by the MCPS Internal Audit unit for SFO.


How do I record iReceivables ACH payments in SFO?

You would record entries just as you would for a paper check. The steps to record ACH payments have been prepared by the MCPS Internal Audit unit for SFO.


How do I reset my password if I forgot it?

If you forget your password, you can request a new password by clicking the Forgot your password? link on the iReceivables login page. The new password will be sent by e-mail to the address provided during self registration.


What are the payment terms for MCPS invoices?

Schools are expected to pay MCPS invoices within 30 days of the invoice date. The Division of Controller will contact schools, as necessary, to assure timely payment of MCPS invoices. Remedial action for severely delinquent schools may include a hold on future purchases and the cancellation of purchasing cards.


How do I resolve billing issues for MCPS invoices?

Contact the Division of Controller at for assistance in resolving billing issues for MCPS invoices.


How are credits to invoices processed?

The Division of Controller will process credits to correct any invoice discrepancies. FMS does not necessarily apply a credit to the invoice containing the discrepancy. The financial specialist applies credits to the next created invoice. Therefore, it is important that schools pay a disputed invoice in full, since the correcting credit will be used by FMS to reduce (pay) a portion of a future invoice.

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I am responsible for the school’s IAF account, and I mistakenly made a purchase that was charged to the school’s operating budget account. Can I write a check from the School IAF bank account to reimburse MCPS?

Yes. This would be the fastest method to fix a purchasing error that posted to a budgeted FMS account.


Is the FMS account string required information to create an invoice and process a deposit to FMS?

Yes. The FMS account string is required to create the invoice or process the deposit in FMS.


Can I have a deposit processed on the same day that I fill out the deposit slip?

Please let the Division of Controller (DOC) AR Unit receipts clerk know that the deposit is a priority. The deposit slip with the cash, checks, and money orders needs to be brought to the DOC AR Unit office by 2:00 p.m. The DOC AR Unit address is as follows: Division of Controller Accounts Receivable Unit (DOC AR), 45 West Gude Drive, Room 3202, Rockville, MD 20850.


Can I get a signed copy back of my MCPS Deposit Slip?

Yes. The DOC AR Unit will need 2 copies of the MCPS Deposit Ticket if you would like to have a copy of the MCPS Deposit Slip. If you have a large deposit amount, the DOC AR Unit receipts clerk will be happy to verify the amount and sign the second copy while you are at the DOC AR Unit office.

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Why do you need a phone number, fax number, or an e-mail address on the MCPS Deposit Slip?

Phone contact and depositor information is required on the MCPS Deposit Slip. The phone number, e-mail address, or fax number is useful if the DOC AR Unit receipts clerk finds a discrepancy with the deposit amount.


What else do I need to process checks and money orders for deposit?

Please mark or stamp the back of each check and money order with “For Deposit Only.” The DOC AR Unit will provide you with a stamp if you have a large volume of checks and money orders to deposit and your school/office hasn’t been given a stamp in the past.


Can I submit a deposit that includes cash with checks and money orders?

Cash needs to be on its own MCPS Deposit Slip. Each MCPS Deposit Slip is assigned a unique batch number, and separating the cash from checks and money orders helps with recording the batch to FMS. Money orders are treated like checks and not cash.


Can I use the MCPS Deposit Slip for credit card payments?

No. The DOC AR Unit will not accept credit card payments with this form.

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Can I use the MCPS pony for sending a deposit to the DOC AR Unit?

It is not recommended. Instead, you should bring the deposit to the DOC AR Unit because pony envelopes can be easily opened or lost.


Do I need to use the MCPS Deposit Slip, or can I use a school/office memo?

You can use a memo for the deposit. The memo would require all the information that is listed on the MCPS Deposit Slip form. Attached to the memo must be a listing the check numbers, amount of each check, and the FMS account string.


Where can I find the MCPS Deposit Slip on the MCPS website?

The MCPS Deposit Slip can be found on the MCPS Division of Controller website.