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Recycling Within Montgomery County Public Schools

The Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) recycling program is managed through the School Energy and Recycling Team (SERT) program. Montgomery County Executive Regulation 1-15 requires the recycling of paper, cardboard, commingled items, yard waste, and scrap metal. MCPS has also identified more than 20 other recyclable materials and recycles them through the voluntary recycling program. MCPS’ recycling program is continuously improving through sustainable education, contests, and infrastructure placement provided by the SERT program. In 2017, MCPS recycled 8,916 tons of recyclables compared to 6,746 tons in 2010. Following this upward trend, we believe that MCPS will reach and maintain the county's goal of a 70% recycling rate by 2020. READ LESS

SERT has identified that there are three key elements to a successful school recycling program: a motivated recycling leader, proper recycling infrastructure, and complete staff and student participation. For most of us, school is an integral part of our early life. Schools help shape the habits that we continue into adulthood. Students who participate in recycling now are more likely to embrace conservation behaviors as adults. As children learn the benefits of recycling and how easy it is to recycle when the right systems are in place, they will grow up taking actions that will help protect our planet for future generations. Although we have made significant progress in our recycling efforts, a tremendous amount of paper and plastics are still discarded as waster rather than being recycled. So, when you're about to throw something into a trash can, stop and take a moment to make sure that the item isn't recyclable. READ LESS

If your school is routinely generating any material that is currently not being recycled, please contact the SERT program to determine if there are opportunities to recycle those items through our voluntary recycling program. Remember that it's your world; choose to conserve!

Recycling Resources

 Click to see what you can and can't recycle in MCPS   Click to find your school's pickup schedule

Click to see what's available through Maximo   Click to see recycling data for schools

Click for the form to invite SERT to your school   Click for Best Practices for Recycling

Click for info about the Got Paper? contest   Click for the Recycling Awards

Click for the "no bags" flyer    Click to find out how to recycle lamp bulbs


Recycling Flyers and Signs 

  • 3 Green Things flyer and Classroom Commitment
  • Elements for a Successful Recycling Program
  • Centralized Recycling Stations
  • Juice Box Sign
  • Plastic Milk Bottles
  • Recycling Bins Are For Recycling
  • Spring Clean Up
  • Tips to Recycling Cardboard Lunch Tray
  • Waste Free Lunch

    Recycling Forms

    Recycling Dumpsters

    Recycling Regulations

  • MCPS Recycling Regulations
  • Montgomery County Government Recycling Regulations 


    Data for Solid Waste

    Data for Yard Waste

    Other Recycling-related Reports

  • Annual Recycling and Waste Reduction Report
  • Recycling Action Plan
  • More Information About Recycling