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ePaystub Frequently Asked Questions

Why does MCPS offer an electronic pay stub?

MCPS offers ePaystub for the convenience of viewing additional pay information online  and to provide improved services to employees. There are many benefits:

  • The availability of the electronic pay stub reduces the amount of time you have until you are notified that a payment is available for your review. You are able to view your pay stub prior to the scheduled pay date.
  • You can access and print your pay stub 24/7 from work, home or from most computers with Internet access. Please be advised that ePaystub does not support the Firefox Browser and only marginally supports Netscape.
  • Your electronic payment advices remain "online" for up to 3 years. No worries about losing your pay stub!
  • Additional attendance and pay information are available to you. With the online pay stub, MCPS is able to provide detailed information that could not be done practically on a paper pay stub. Substitute teachers have often asked for the ability to see the hours reported by each of their work locations. The online pay stub provides that information.
  • If hours have been reported incorrectly, you will have an opportunity to resolve the discrepancy prior to the payday.
  • With the convenience of the online pay stub, you should not need to print your pay stub. However, you will be able to print a copy of current or previous pay advices.
How long will the pay stub be available through ePaystub? In general, pay stubs for 2 previous calendar years will always be available in addition to the current calendar year. To assist with filing of income tax, the last pay stub of all calendar years will always be available. Pay stubs are listed 10 per screen page and are in the order from the most recent to the oldest. Am I able to print my ePaystub and if so, how do I print?

Yes, you can print your ePaystub once the ePaystub electronic document is displayed. You may print by selecting the printer icon. You will then be directed to a screen to select the appropriate printer. The printed version of the ePaystub does not require special paper; the document will print on standard “8 ½ by 11” paper.

Please Note: With the retention of previous documents available to you, you will rarely need to print a paper copy.

When am I able to view the ePaystub pay advice? ePaystub is made available a few days prior to the pay date, typically late in the afternoon on the Monday before the Friday payday. Please be advised: there could be some change to this target date from time to time depending on the pay calendar, calendar schedule changes, holidays, or system outages. Checks issued manually, outside of the normal payroll process, are viewable the same business day or the morning after the check has been issued. Can I view ePaystub from my home computer? If I do not have a computer at home, where I can go to view my ePaystub?

You can view the ePaystub information from your home computer or from any MCPS computer. Please be advised that ePaystub does not support the Firefox Browser and only marginally supports Netscape.

If you do not have a regularly assigned PC, you should speak to your supervisor and/or director to locate an available PC. Additionally, several computers are available for employees in the lobby of the Employee and Retiree Service Center (ERSC).   

Can I save my ePaystub onto my home computer? Yes, the Adobe Acrobat software supports and permits you to save viewed documents. Please keep in mind that you will still need to provide your pay stub document password to access saved files. The printer at my work location will not allow me to print ePaystub. Who do I need to contact for assistance with ePaystub? If you have problems accessing or printing your ePaystub, you should call the MCPS Help Desk at 301-517-5800. Please note: MCPS cannot provide support for home computers or printers from non-MCPS computers. What is the payment number? The payment number is the sequentially assigned advice/paycheck number that is generated by the payroll system. What is the payment date? The payment date is the date the check is issued and funds are available for withdrawal from your checking and/or savings account. Direct deposit is mandatory for all employees hired on or after February 1, 2001. Direct deposit offers employees the convenience of having your net pay (pay after taxes and deductions) deposited directly into a checking and/or savings account. What do the single letters in the payment type of the ePaystub “Details Page” represent?

The single letter denotes how the check was processed:

  • A- ACH Direct Deposit
  • M- Manual Pay Check
  • S- Scheduled Pay Check
  • P- Partial Deposit
  • V- Void


Why does my reported attendance not match the hours on the first page of the pay stub? The Reported Attendance section of the electronic pay stub displays details of your pay information including days worked, work location, pay codes, and hours as it was reported on your timesheet and entered by the timekeeper. Where can I locate descriptions of the various pay codes noted on my ePaystub?

Two tables have been created for your convenience.


Can I use ePaystub to make changes to my federal, state, and county tax withholdings, my 403(b), and/or 457(b) tax-deferred contribution amounts, my home address, etc? No, you will not be able to make any changes on your ePaystub. Please see the ERSC forms page for applicable MCPS forms. Please send completed forms to the ERSC, 7361 Calhoun Place, Ste. 190, Rockville, MD 20855. If I work at multiple schools/work locations, am I able to see the time reported by each school/work location? Yes, you are able to view all of your school/work locations and applicable time reported for each position in the Reported Attendance section. What security precautions are in place so that only I can view my ePaystub? Can anyone else access my ePaystub? Who can view my ePaystub?

Your ePaystub information has been secured at three levels:

  • Data is maintained on a secure server and all ePaystub data transmitted is encrypted.
  • Access to your ePaystub requires your unique MCPS username and a secure password.
  • Before the electronic pay stub document can be opened you will be asked to enter the electronic pay stub document password and your employee ID.

Although MCPS cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality of data transmitted over the public Internet, all data transmissions between your computer and the MCPS server are encrypted and secure.

How can I change my password? If someone obtains access to my password, who may I contact to change my password?

Your MCPS username and password are unique and should not be shared with anyone. If you should need to change your MCPS password, you can use the myID website.

Please note: After logging into ePaystub, you must enter your employee ID as the password to open the document. This document password is always your employee ID and cannot be changed.