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information for New Employees

About us

About the Employee and Retiree Service Center
ERSC is your source for information about your pay, benefits, leave, and retirement

New Educator Orientation
Annual event for educators new to MCPS

New Employee Information
Detailed information about MCPS employment-related business

About your pay

Direct Deposit
Establish your direct deposit account and learn more about direct deposit

Understanding Your ePaystub
Help understanding the content of your ePaystub

Schedule of pay periods and pay days
Including first and last duty days, holidays, and scheduled no-work, no-pay days

Summer Pay
Save money throughout the school year for the summer when you don't receive a regular paycheck.

About your benefits

Employee Benefit Summary
Detailed summary of employee benefits offered. Explore our benefit offerings from our home page to learn more.

For Your Benefit
Read this newsletter for important benefit information

Enroll in Benefits 
Within 60 days of your start date, visit the Employee Self-Service web page, click on Benefits enrollment for new employees, and log in to the online Benefits Enrollment System using your Outlook username and password. 

About your leave

Leave policies are negotiated by your union and can be found in your contract. For more information or to learn more about specific types of leave, visit our leave page.

About your pension

Pension Plans
All employees receive a Supplement Pension benefit from MCPS. Depending on your position, you may receive a Core benefit from MCPS or from the Maryland State Retirement Agency. You must submit the pension enrollment forms available at the above link.

State Pension Enrollment Flyer
Employees eligible for a Core benefit from the State Plan must enroll to avoid a $100 fine.