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How to Become a Coach


All MCPS paid stipend coaches must:

  • Complete the MCPS New Coaches' Seminar prior to the start of their first season.
  • Complete PE-22 "Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Coaching Fundamentals and CPR/AED", the application can be found online.
  • Achieve and retain current certification in CPR/AED.
  • Complete the Accredited Interscholastic Coach requirements within one year of the start of the season for which they were first hired, or the equivalent MSDE approved in-service coaching education program (Fundamentals of Coaching).
  • Complete the NFHS Coaches' Education Course entitled "Bullying, Hazing, and Inappropriate Behaviors" once.
  • Complete the NFHS Coaches' Education Course entitled "Concussion in Sports" every two years.
  • Complete the NFHS Coaches' Education Course entitled "Heat Illness Prevention" every two years. 
  • Complete the NFHS Coaches' Education Course entitled "Sudden Cardiac Arrest" every two years.

Forms for Prospective Coaches

  • The New Coaches Checklist provides a comprehensive list of items that need to be completed before hire and prior to the start of the season.
  • Volunteer Coach Application & Contract -  Document signed by the volunteer coach, head coach, athletic director and principal, certifying that all criteria have been met. This is a great checklist of conditions and requirements necessary to become a volunteer coach. 
  •  PE-22 Application - The "Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries" course is required for all MCPS coaches (both stipend and volunteer), as noted in the MPSSAA coaching eligibility guidelines (pg. 22). The course includes CPR/AED certification, but volunteer coaches and coaches with current CPR certification are not required to take the CPR/AED training.

Additional Information and Guidelines

Additional information about coaches including information about the different types of stipend coaches, certification requirements, selection priority, volunteer coaches, consultants, coaching restrictions and Supporting Services Personnel as coaches is available in the General Information for Coaches section of the Coaches/Athletic Directors web page.