Unit 3

Unit Overview

In Unit Three, students learn the importance of budgeting income to meet expenses. Students research the various types of income and compute hourly income including overtime, commission, and salary. Once the income is computed, students determine the amount of withholding for federal, state, social security, and Medicare taxes. Using this information, students complete pay stubs. Pre- and post-tax deductions are examined to determine their effect on the amount withheld. Students learn to plan a budget based on income and expenses. The conclusion of the unit introduces students to taxes, federal and state. Students learn to complete tax forms and learn how the tax code affects purchases.

Instructional Flow

Instructional Flow (PDF) (In Development)
Description of the typical order of textbook sections and topics taught in the unit.

Expectations, Essential Questions, Enduring Understandings and Vocabulary

Unit 3 Standards for Quantitative Literacy(PDF)
Explanation of what your child should understand by the end of each unit (expectations) and what that understanding looks like (examples).

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