Unit 2

Unit Overview

In this unit, students explore the concept of credit: what it is and how one becomes credit-worthy. How credit scores are determined and how they affect loan approval and rates are also investigated. Students learn about the various types of loans, how to apply for them, and what traps to look for in each type of loan. Students learn how interest rates, the amount borrowed, and the payment length affect the payment of the loan. Amortization tables show students how much principal and interest is a part of each monthly payment. Finally, students learn about credit cards. Reading a credit card statement, credit card fees, and how finance charges and minimum payments are computed conclude this unit.

Instructional Flow

Instructional Flow (PDF) (In Development)
Description of the typical order of textbook sections and topics taught in the unit.

Expectations, Essential Questions, Enduring Understandings and Vocabulary

Unit 2 Standards for Quantitative Literacy(PDF)
Explanation of what your child should understand by the end of each unit (expectations) and what that understanding looks like (examples).

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