Unit 6

Unit Overview

In this unit, students extend previous knowledge from Algebra 1 regarding direct and inverse variation functions. Students investigate direct and inverse variation functions numerically, algebraically, and graphically in real-world contexts. Connections are made to slope-intercept form, where y = mx and the y-intercept is zero.

Instructional Flow

Instructional Flow (PDF)
Description of the typical order of textbook sections and topics taught in the unit.

Expectations, Essential Questions, Enduring Understandings and Vocabulary

Unit 6 Standards for Bridge to Algebra 2(PDF)
Explanation of what your child should understand by the end of each unit (enduring understandings), how he/she will get to that understanding (essential questions), and how he/she will be evaluated (indicators).

Content Map

Content map for Bridge to Algebra 2 Unit 6 (PDF)

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