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MCPS Provides Free PSAT for All Grade 10 Students, SAT School Day or ACT for All Grade 11 Students

As part of a comprehensive strategy to ensure access and opportunity for all students, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) provides important college readiness examinations to all students. This includes the PSAT during the school for all Grade 10 students each fall, and SAT School Day for all Grade 11 students each spring. In lieu of the SAT, Grade 11 students also have the option to taking the ACT during a national administration date. Not only does this allow greater access to these important examinations, but it supports efforts to remove barriers associated with college entrance examinations and ensures equitable access to these important steps to college and career readiness.

2019-2020 Testing Dates:

  • PSAT: Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019
  • SAT School Day:  Wednesday, March 25, 2020
  • SAT School Day Makeup:  Tuesday, April 14, 2020
More information can be found here:


The PSAT provides an important measure of each student’s readiness for advanced coursework, college and careers, and preparation for future college readiness examinations. The PSAT is administrated to all Grade 10 students in October of each year.

SAT School Day

The SAT (without Essay) is offered to all Grade 11 students during the school day in March or April of each year.

Optional Essay: Since most students take the SAT/ACT more than once, students wishing to take the SAT with Essay are encouraged to do so during another national administration. Please contact your child’s school regarding specific dates and options for SAT School Day.

ACT National Administrations;

For students opting to take the ACT instead of SAT School Day, vouchers are available for the ACT (without optional Writing section) for national administrations on Saturdays. Students wishing to add the Essay can log-in to the ACT account to add the Writing Section for their test administration, payable by credit card.


School counselors work individually with each student to identify the appropriate test and register. Please note that students taking the SAT during a school day must adhere to the same testing protocols that take place on national testing dates, including services for students with disabilities.

For score reports after test administration, students and parents/guardians may request the scores directly from their local school, or sign in to their College Board account to access and view. Scores are available approximately one month after the testing date.

Parental Consent, Optional Questionnaire

Prior to taking the PSAT or SAT, there is a two-part pre-administration session:

First, to save time during the actual test administration, certain information about your child will be provided to the College Board, (the provider of the SAT) in advance of the PSAT/SAT. This information covers basic information such as name, school, state student ID, grade, gender, and date of birth. In addition, MCPS shares information with College Board regarding students who qualify for a fee waiver, which is utilized solely for that purpose and is not otherwise tracked or maintained by College Board.

Second, your child will have the opportunity to participate, with your consent, in the optional Student Data Questionnaire. The College Board gives students and families complete discretion regarding any voluntary information they provide as part of the Student Data Questionnaire. Information gathered is used for group reporting, for analysis to ensure that the exams are fair for all groups, to connect your child with potential colleges or scholarship opportunities, and for research. Read more about the Student Data Questionnaire below.

To provide consent for your child to participate in the optional Student Data Questionnaire, you must return a signed consent form by before the school pre-administration session.

  • If you have a MyMCPS Portal account, you can provide this consent by logging into the myMCPS Portal
  • If you do not have a MyMCPS Portal account, please contact the school to receive account information.
  • Or, you can return a copy of this form to your child’s school.

Whether or not you consent for your child to participate in the optional Student Data Questionnaire, your child will still be able to participate in the PSAT or SAT.


Your child’s responses to all questions on the Student Data Questionnaire, other than the required registration questions, are optional as explained on the inserted copy of the Student Answer Sheet Instructions.


  • Give counselors and college admission officers information to help your child plan for the future. The more information they have, the more assistance they can give to you.
  • Provide information to the College Board that ensures the exam is a fair and accurate test for all students.
  • Are used by the College Board for research and planning to improve tests and services.
  • Contribute―combined with responses of all other students taking the same exam ―to an understanding of the graduating class. This lets colleges and universities deliver programs and opportunities to better serve students.

A primary benefit of completing the optional Student Data Questionnaire is to participate in Student Search Service, which is a program that connects your child to college and scholarship opportunities that reflect your child’s interests. If you choose to permit your child to complete the optional Student Data Questionnaire, the data your child provides will be added to your child’s College Board student record, even if you choose not to participate in Student Search Service.

Additional information on the student data questionnaire can be online.

Students will receive a Registration Guide before the test administration, and parents/guardians can also access it online. The guide includes the questions that appear on the Student Data Questionnaire and how responses will be used. For the PSAT, you and your child can also can view the questions that are in the questionnaire online. Pages 51-57 include the questions that appear on the Student Data Questionnaire and how your child’s responses will be used.

MCPS has a data sharing agreement with College Board for the administration of SAT Day. The College Board has assured MCPS that it only shares data with eligible colleges, universities, and scholarship and educational opportunity programs that sign a license agreement with the College Board. The College Board consistently monitors these organizations’ use of student information for compliance. Individual student scores are not shared through Student Search Service, and you may withdraw your participation in Student Search Service at any time. To be clear, completion of the Student Data Questionnaire and participation in Student Search Service are optional and voluntary for all students. Learn more in the College Board Privacy Policy, which covers the Student Data Questionnaire online.