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Career and Apprenticeship Programs

Career Programs

  • College/Career Research and Development (CCRD) – A career pathway program that prepares students with academic, technical, and workplace skills necessary to seek further education and employment in a career field of their interest upon graduating from high school. The program contains two in-school courses, a portfolio development project, and a site-based learning experience.

  • Career Technical Education Clusters (CTE) – Career clusters provide students with planned, sequential programs that build student competence in core academic subjects, along with professional skills needed for success in their careers. These programs are grouped into 11 different clusters designed to provide students with multiple career pathways leading to employment and further education. With the support of the business and higher-education communities, students apply these acquired skills and knowledge to make informed decisions concerning postsecondary education and career choices.

  • Thomas Edison High School of Technology – Students can enroll in a variety of career and technology educational programs to experience hands-on vocational and professional training. Students can earn professional certifications and licenses and many programs are articulated with colleges and universities for college credit. Students are co-enrolled at their home school and at Edison, and participate in programs at Edison in the morning or afternoon.

Apprenticeship Programs