Career Readiness for students

College/Career Research and Development (CCRD)

Site Based Work Experience Update:

Site Based Work Experiences are scheduled to start in-person for the 2021-22 school year. College/Career Research & Development Teachers will use the approved MCPS forms and agreements to confirm student Work Based Learning (WBL) experiences with employers. Students will not be required to complete the WBL COVID waiver form to participate in a in-person WBL experience. Additionally, WBL may include Virtual and/or Hybrid work experiences where the employer facilitates a WBL experience that includes a virtual and in-person WBL schedule. Finally, students will have the option to start their WBL experience with a Capstone Project and transition to an in-person and/or virtual WBL experience when the opportunity becomes available with an employer.

Is College/Career Research and Development (CCRD) for You?

  • Do you enjoy new opportunities to earn money for your future?
  • Do you want real-world career experience in a field that interests you?
  • Do you want to prepare yourself for college and a career?
  • Do you want to develop skills that will help you to manage your personal finances?

About the Program

College/Career Research and Development is a two-year program of study that prepares students with academic, technical, and workplace skills necessary to pursue future education and employment in a career field of their interest upon graduation from high school.

Sample Course Plan for College/Career Research and Development (CCRD)

Sample Courses

Site Based Work Experience Agreement Form


  • Mr. Shawn Krasa, Supervisor, Work-based Learning via e-mail at or by phone at 240-801-0919.