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Account Information: Achievement Series

General Account Information

To log in to Achievement Series, you will need a site ID, staff ID, and a password. If you do not have this information, please contact the Help Desk (301-517-5800). For new users, your site ID is the same as the ID of other members at your school. Your user name is your active directory user name and your password is your active directory password + "1a" (ex. password1a).

Administrator Account

To view assessment results for all students in your school, you will require administrative access to Achievement Series. If you do not have myMCPS administrative access, then you will not have administrative access to Achievement Series. To obtain administrative access, please contact the Help Desk. Your principal must sign and approve your request.

Changing Password

If you wish to change your Achievement Series password, click the link below for procedures for changing your password.

Please note: Your Achievement Series password and active directory password are not synchronized. Changing your Achievement Series password will not change your active directory password.

Changing Password Directions  

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