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Advisory Committees

The public can attend/observe the advisory committees’ public meetings. Click on the links below for more information, as well as meeting dates, times, and materials.

Ethics Panel

Responsibilities include interpreting the Board of Education’s Ethics Policy and issuing advisory opinions concerning its application.

More information and meeting announcements

Collaboration Board for Career and Technology Education

Responsibilities include advising the Board of Education and the Board of Trustees of Montgomery College on the distribution of career and technical education funds

More information and meeting announcements

District Committee on Assessments

In spring 2017, the Maryland General Assembly passed the More Learning, Less Testing Act of 2017, setting a limit on the amount of time that may be devoted to locally mandated assessment. The legislation compels school districts to ensure that all locally mandated assessments are clear in their purpose, time limited, worth taking, high quality, and tied to improved student learning.

More information and meeting announcements

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