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Well Aware Wellness Toolbox

More than ever, it is essential that our wellness "toolbox" be filled with everything we need to make our mental and physical health a priority. This page is filled with tools you can use as you continue to prioritize your health and wellness. Do you have suggestions for additional resources? Email your ideas to Well Aware.

Well Aware Virtual Exercise Schedule

Free classes for MCPS employees including Mindfulness, Zumba, Stretch and Tone


Thousands of free online classes for all ages, interests, and levels to help you achieve your health and wellness goals

March: Supportive Foods Program Calendar

Foam Roller Program

HFP Live

A live stream and video library with webinars, workshops, demos and fitness classes in real time and recording. Click here to join. Password mcpsmd

Weekly Recorded Exercise Classes!

Yoga Class (New 2/26 thru 3/3)

Pilates/Yoga/Mindfulness (New 2/26-3/3)

Chair Yoga (New 2/26-3/3)

Total Body Conditioning (New 2/26-3/3)

Convenient classes specifically for MCPS employees (recorded weekly)

MCPS Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Professional, confidential counseling to you and eligible family members on a variety of life issues 


MCPS EAP/Well Aware Connection

March: National Nutrition Month

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid 

Eating Disorders: More than Food

Eating Disorders: Common Warning Signs

Plant Based Eating

Eating Right on a Budget


Virtual Staff Wellness Day

Take a few minutes out of your professional day to give our wellness programs a try! Sample some of the classes that Well Aware hosts throughout the year, as well as prioritize your health and wellness! Click here for the class schedule, links, and class descriptions.

Running Program

Running Webinars:

Fundamental Training Principles Passcode: S?Ef!A5@

Nutrition: Fueling Before, During, and After Workouts Passcode: .Z8n$&^. 

Goal Setting Passcode: BzcU%35g


Mindful Moments Videos: Mindful tools from MCPS to help you manage anxiety and stress

Building a Sustainable Gratitude Practice

Upcoming Mindfulness/Yoga In-Person Classes

Cooking Demonstrations

View and cook along with Well Aware Cooking Demonstrations. 

Winter Warmers (Recipes)

Smoothie Demonstration (1/29) Recording


Cigna Healthcare Resources

Convenient resources from health coaching, and behavior change classes for Cigna members.

Omada: Lose weight and create healthy habits.

Foods that Fuel Immunity Webinar

Moms Meals (Meal Delivery)

Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Apps

Self-care apps at no cost to Kaiser Permanente members

Kaiser Permanente Mental Health Resources

Mental health supports for Kaiser Permanente members

National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project

Sleep education from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine 

KP Rest and Revive Workbook

How sleep impacts your finances and career

Water, Hydration, and Health

Educational information from on making better beverage choices

Slow the Spread

CDC recommendations for protecting yourself and others from Covid-19

Healthy Lunch Recipes

Easy, healthy, and fun lunch ideas

Heart Healthy Fajita Recipe

Developing Your Self-Care Plan

Ideas to help you identify your values and determine a strategy to fit self-care into your day

Resources with Links for MCPS Staff

Physical activity, stress mamagement, healthy nutrition, and covid links for MCPS staff

Resources as a Presentation

Physical activity, stress mamagement, healthy nutrition, and covid links for MCPS staff (presentation form)

Watch the presentation in a video from Lisa Cooperstein, Wellness Coordinator.