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Digestive Health

Chronic digestive issues can cause more than discomfort. Related conditions signal that food is not being properly channeled through the body, which can lead to numerous, immediate, and long-term health concerns. Learn how to eat for healthy and regular digestion.   View this webinar. 

Heart Health: Keep it Strong All Life Long

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US. Someone in the country dies of heart disease every 38 seconds. Join us to learn simple habits and everyday practices that can keep our hearts healthy all life long. By taking a look at the medical side of heart health, we will find out what to do to prevent heart disease.   View this webinar. 

Virtual Sound Bath

    View this webinar. 

10 Habits of Healthy People

Simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference in disease prevention and overall  health. Explore the 10 habits that healthy people practice the most, and learn how you can easily incorporate these actions into your life.    View this webinar. 

Boundaries Before Burnout

More than 70% of people report feeling burned out. Burnout if impacting their work, mood, and personal relationships. Learn why setting boundaries is one of the most important self-care strategies you can implement if your life and how to add them to your daily life right away.    View this webinar. 

Kickstart your Immunity

Immune system support is not simply found in a bottle. To build a strong and resilient body, it takes a comprehensive approach. Learn how to stack wellness actions to lessen your risk of health issues during virus season as well as year round.   View this webinar. 

Understanding Prediabetes and Diabetes

View this webinar.  View the presentation

Maintaining Healthy Joints

Joint concerns are an inevitable part of life, and the right mix of prevention and care is vital to optimizing physical ability. Learn how to protect your joints to support their function and health.  View this webinar. 

The Surprising Impact Food has on Health

Does food impact your mood? Yes it does! It also affects your energy and more. Learn how foods impact you physically, emotionally, and mentally from the moment you eat them.   View this webinar. Pear Pomegranate Salad Recipe  Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Recipe

Building Healthy Habits that Last

More than 40% of everything you do is a habit. Join Well Aware as we explore how habits are built and how to use them to our advantage when it comes to building a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. A good self-care routine can help you stay healthy, happy, perform better at work, and accomplish more in a day.   View this webinar. 

Skin Care and Sun Safety

Skin is our largest organ. It protects us and is part of our identity. During this webinar, we will drive into top skin care techniques. Learn how good nutrition and simple practices can leave your skin healthy and keep it safe.  View this webinar. 

Elevate your Physical and Mental Health

Join us for a webinar to learn how to elevate your physical and mental health. In this eye-opening session, created to jump-start your journey to feeling your best, you will learn about a comprehensive and holistic approach to improve both physical and mental health, based on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine. View this webinar. 

Nourishment for your Brain

Our brains play a role in every activity we do. In this webinar, we explored how to take care of our brains by getting physically active, managing our stress, and taking control of our thoughts.  View the webinar.


Get Fit While You Sit

Is your work day designed to set you up for wellness success? In this webinar, learn highly effective stretching, ergonomic, and even food/drink tips that will help you reach your wellness goals.  View the webinar.


Fundamentals of Running

View the webinarPresentation.


Building Healthy Habits that Last

More than 40% of the things you do are habits. In this webinar we will explore how habits are established and how to use them to your advantage to build a sustainable, healthier, lifestyle. A quality self-care routine that becomes habitual can help you stay healthier and happier, perform better at work, take better care of family members, and acomplish more in a day. View the webinar.


Strategies for Time Management

In this webinar, we will discuss realistic strategies for more effective time management. Join us to review topics such as managing email clutter, finding and overcoming the roots of procrastination, and keeping yourself motivated. View this webinar.  


Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac Disease, and the Gluten Free Diet

Gluten-free diets have become quite popular. Attend this webinar to learn the difference between celiac disease, and gluten sensitivity. Learn about the gluten-free diet and the nutrients that need to be supplemented when not eating gluten. View this webinar. 


Clear Your Clutter

Living with clutter is exhausting. Clutter can make you anxious and impact your sleep and ability to focus. Learning how to clear the clutter can feel dauntingl the task itself overwhelming. This webinar will offer specific strategic ways to approach clearning clutter and staying organized. We will go room-by-room to help you have an organized and restful home. View this webinar. 


Nutrition Frustrations

Did you know that eating fat-free products may be working against you and your diet plan? This webinar looks at how we might be self-sabotaging, our weight loss attempts. We learn how to make choices to lessen frustration and keep you on track. View the webinar.


Stress and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Take a closer look at the connection between stress and musculoskeletal health. Being aware of how stress can affect your body is vital in taking steps towards greater physical wellness and to deter chronic aches and pains. We will also discuss stress management tools and self care strategies that can positively impant physical well-being.   View the webinar.


Gut Health 101

Scientists have found that gut health is directly linked to brain health. In this webinar, learn how to nurture a healthy micorbiome through simple self-care techniques. You will also learn which foods make your stomach feel great, improve your mood, and help your brain function at its best.   View the webinar.


Plant Based Eating

No matter your nutrition goals, adding plant-based foods to your diet is a great way to improve long-term health and maintain a healthy weight. If you are curious about vegetarian or vegan eating, this webinar will provide useful strategies that will get you moving in the right direction. View the webinar.


Ready, Set, Goal

Join us to learn about a webinar to help you identify and target unhealthy behaviors and turn healthy ones into habits that stick. View the webinar. 


Quit for Good: Commit to Quit

Join us for session 1 of 3 of our Quit for Good Tobacco Cessation class.
View the webinar


Quit for Good: Healthy Eating and You

Join us for session 2 of 3 of our Quit for Good Tobacco Cessation class.
View the webinar


Quit for Good: Transformational Thinking

Join us for session 3 of 3 of our Quit for Good Tobacco Cessation class.
View the webinar


Healthy Hearts

Join us for a webinar to learn about heart disease and simple lifestyle changes to help you maintain a healthy heart for life.
View the class. 


Healthy Eating on a Budget

Join us for a webinar to explore how to eat a healthy, well balanced diet while managing a budget.
View the class. 


Preventing Home Injury and Conquering Aches and Pains

Join us for a webinar to learn about the basic functions of the musculoskeletal system, risks of injury in the home office and ways to prevent them, and simple exercises to alleviate common aches and pains.
View the class


Stretch and Mobility

Join Well Aware Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at noon to stretch your body, breath deeply, and relax your mind. Missed class? Enjoy this recording anytime.
View the class


So You Think You Can Chill

Join Well Aware for a webinar that introduces mindfulness, meditation techniques, and offers practice strategies for meditating in the real world.
View the webinar

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Join Well Aware and Carefirst at this webinar as we explore how to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet while maintaining a budget.
View the webinar

Healthy Strategies for Surviving the Holidays

Presented by Debbie Amster 



Women and Weight Training

Presented by Liz Credi 



Nutrition to Go: Eating for an Active Lifestyle

Presented by Ashleigh Enriquez 



Balancing Work and Family

Presented by Erin Saucier 



Men's Health Tune-up

Presented by Christina Sweeney 



Sugar Cravings

Presented by Cindy Mann