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Support and Information: On TV, online, and in print

MCPS Television

Parent Guide Video: Communicating - Sources watch buttonTune to MCPS Television for school system news and educational programs for students and parents. Programming includes award-winning shows like Homework Hotline Live!, which offers one-on-one homework help to students, and Math Dude, which helps middle and high school students improve their Algebra skills.

MCPS QuickNotes

MCPS QuickNotes is a free, subscription e-mail service available in six languages that includes a monthly newsletter, emergency information about weather delays and closings, and periodic updates on topics of interest.


AlertMCPS is a way that you can receive text messages or e-mail from Montgomery County Public Schools during weather-related emergencies and other major events that impact school system operations. AlertMCPS is administered by Montgomery County Public Schools and is part of the Montgomery County Alert System.


Questions?....ASK MCPS 

When you have a question about school system operations, procedures, or programs, don’t hesitate to ask—the more parents know and understand about the school system, the better they are able to advocate for their children and support learning. Here are several ways that parents can ASK MCPS to get the information they need—

  • By telephone: 301-309-MCPS (6277)
  • By e-mail: 
  • In person: Stop in at the offices of the Department of Family and Community Partnerships (DFCP) any time between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m weekdays, or visit during one of the ASK MCPS drop-in coffees held at DFCP throughout the year.

Coffees and other ASK MCPS events in the community are announced on the DFCP website, via email through MCPS QuickNotes, and in information sent home through your child’s backpack.

Community Engagement

Staff in the Office of Community Engagement are available to advise parents and provide support at parent–teacher conferences, special education meetings, and other school meetings focused on improving students’ learning.

The division also coordinates the Study Circle program, which brings together parents, staff, and students from different backgrounds to help schools address the challenges posed by cultural and racial differences.

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MCPS Parent Academy

The MCPS Parent Academy offers free workshops that provide parents with practical information they need to be able to advocate for their children and support learning at home. These two-hour sessions are held in various schools and community locations throughout the county. Visit the MCPS Parent Academy website or call 301-517-5940 for a schedule of workshops and registration information.

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ESOL/Bilingual Program

Parent Guide Video - ESOL Parent Outreach Programs watch buttonThe Division of ESOL/Bilingual Programs has parent outreach staff who provide support services to the families of students receiving ESOL instruction in all schools. Staff members work with the parents of English language learners in English, Spanish, French, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Amharic, Portuguese, and Arabic. Staff is available to help parents complete school system forms, support parents at school meetings and events, connects families to community resources and provides leadership training for parents.

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Pupil personnel workers (PPWs)

Pupil personnel workers (PPWs) in the Department of Student Services work with parents on a variety of issues, including chronic attendance problems, residency and guardianship issues, and home and hospital teaching services. PPWs also provide crisis support; referral to community programs designed to prevent and treat alcohol and other drug use; and referral to outside agencies and community service providers for other issues affecting students and their families. School psychologists, who have specialized training in both education and mental health, also provide services to students and their families. The PPW or school psychologist can be contacted through your child’s school or by calling the Department of Student Services at 301-279-3912.

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Linkages to Learning

Linkages to Learning is a collaborative initiative among the school system, Montgomery County government, and private organizations that provides counseling services, health and parent education activities, and social services at MCPS elementary and middle schools that have high percentages of families impacted by poverty. Sites at Broad Acres and Harmony Hills elementary schools operate school-based health centers that provide routine treatment and preventive care to eligible children.

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311 is Montgomery County's phone number for all non-emergency government information and services, including health and human services, housing, and social services. For emergency calls, residents should continue to call 911.

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Get Involved 

Parent Guide Video: Parent involvement watch buttonThere are many opportunities for parents to become involved with their child’s school, from volunteering in the classroom, to serving on the school improvement team, to participating in the PTA. MCPS relies on stakeholder participation in its work at a variety of levels, including many kinds of advisory committees and workgroups. Advisory groups provide guidance and recommendations to the Board of Education and school system staff.

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Information in Many Languages

Parent Guide Video: Communicating - Interpreting watch buttonParents who speak languages other than English can access news and information about the school system on the MCPS website. The language mini-sites feature text and video in Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese and are fully searchable.

Foreign Language Assistance Services

Assistance in Spanish 

  • Ask MCPS: 301-309-MCPS (or 6277)
  • Spanish Hotline: 301-230-3073

Assistance in Other Languages 

Schools and offices have access to a telephone interpretation service. School staff can obtain an interpreter to help you when you visit or call your child’s school. The schools also can obtain translations of important documents and interpreters for meetings through the MCPS Language Assistance Services Unit.