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Department of English Learner and Multilingual Education


In MCPS, we are proud of our diverse, multilingual, multicultural population. Every student and every family is important and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with everyone else. We work hard to ensure that every student succeeds and that every parent is a partner in educating all of our children.

The Department of English Learners and Multilingual Education provides leadership in developing and implementing the district’s K-12 English Language Development programming, encompassing a number of areas:

The goal of the English Language Development program is to empower Emergent Multilingual Learners students to master academic English to thrive in school, college, careers, and as global citizens. The education of students learning English as a new language is a collaborative responsibility shared by English Language Development (ELD) teacher, the classroom teacher, all other appropriate MCPS staff, as well as the Emergent multilingual learner (EML).

The Department of English Learners and Multilingual Education identifies eligible students for ELD services, monitor their English Language Development, provide funding and programmatic support through Title III Federal funds, and exit students who have met the Maryland State Department of Education's English Language Proficiency Target as measured by the WIDA ACCESS. 

As we continue to work in service of our students, we adopt a continuous improvement mindset and are working to implement recommendations from the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) reporting. For information on the findings, please see the report below.