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School Safety and Security

Montgomery County Public Schools is prepared to respond to emergency or crisis situations to ensure the safety and security of all students. All middle and high schools have on-site security staff members to help maintain a safe and secure learning environment, and elementary schools are supported by security personnel as needed. Every school has an emergency crisis plan and conducts fire safety and emergency preparedness drills.

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Safe Schools Hotlines

Confidential hotlines (no Caller ID) are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to receive anonymous information about school safety and security concerns.

  • MCPS Safe Schools Hotline: 301-517-5995 
  • Montgomery County Police Drug Tip Hotline: 240-773-3784
  • Montgomery County Police Gang Tip Hotline: 240-773-4264

Students, parents and community members are urged to report information about weapons, drugs, alcohol and violence in schools or on school grounds.

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School Resource Officers (SROs) 

A partnership between the Montgomery County Department of Police and MCPS, the SRO program places uniformed police officers in selected schools to assist staff and students. The SROs help assess emergency preparedness plans and serve as resources for prevention and outreach programs such as drug and alcohol awareness, violence prevention, gang awareness, conflict resolution, and traffic safety.

Identification (ID) Badges

All MCPS staff and high school students receive photo identification (ID) badges to enhance security.


Parents are welcome to visit their child's school. Visitors to schools, including parents, must sign in at the school's main office.

Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect 

Maryland state law requires school system staff to report incidents of suspected child abuse and neglect to the Protective Services section of the Montgomery County Department of Social Services and/or the Family Services Division of the Montgomery County Police Department. The employee also must notify the school principal or immediate supervisor.