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Hearing from Students 



Student Study Circles give administration a rare opportunity to hear directly from a wide range of students about what they see as the school’s strengths and challenges around racial and ethnic issues. Facilitators engage students in various activities that help them to learn about different cultures, develop relationships, and have respectful and productive conversations about race and its impact on achievement. Many schools also have study circles that include both staff and students so they can talk through some of the concerns.                     

Please click the videos below to listen to students and staff talk about their experience with Study Circles.


High School students and staff discuss their experiences with Study Circles in this video. 

SC 2 


Middle school students speak about their experiences with Study Circles in this video. 

Student Voices 

How You Can Help Organize a Student Study Circle at Your School

1) Call the Study Circles office at 301-444-8630 or contact Deanna Kuhney to set up an appointment.

2) View a PDF document about Organizing Student Study Circles and templates for inviting students to participate in a Study Circle and permission slips for parents 

3) Fill out and submit an online Preorganizing Questionnaire form.