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The Study Circles Program provides the structures for effective dialogue and action so that schools, and the school district, can address practices and policies that limit their ability to close the racial achievement gap.

Teams that participate in Study Circles develop the capacity to:

  • Engage in uncomfortable conversations about race
  • Examine a broad range of perspectives from different stakeholders
  • Identify and address practices and policies that have fostered the achievement gap
  • Create a culture in which all practices and policies are developed through a racially conscious lens

We are in the process of updating our website. Please use the links below and check back with us from time to time.

The versatility of the Study Circles approach enables us to work with various stakeholders through multiple formats.

Explore our formats here:  Formats Flyer

 Supporting leadership teams through Study Circles

    Hear from principles and staff development teachers talk about the challenges they face and how they used Study Circles to move their leaders and schools.

 Students learn the power of dialogue to address challenging issues

    Last fall, 50 students and staff participated in a dialogue to address conflict that had arisen between students after some members of the football team kneeled during the National Anthem. Watch this video to hear the students' beliefs before and after participating in the dialogue.


 Damascus High School Study Circles

     This past June, 1000 students and staff participated  in a two-day Study Circle. We trained 95 facilitators including 45 students to lead the discussion.


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