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Current Schools & Offices

2014-2015 Schools Hosting Study Circles

*Will be updated throughout the Academic Year. Please contact John Landesman or Yesenia Escolastico for further information. 


School/Department  Format 
Burnt Mills ES   ILT  
Clarksburg HS   ILT 
Cloverly ES   ILT  
Damascus HS   Principal Advisory  
Forest Oak MS   ILT 
Redland MS   ILT  
Walter Johnson HS  ILT 
Westland MS   ILT  
Kennedy HS   Coaching 
Kingsview MS   Coaching  
Neelsville MS   Coaching   
Principal PLC
Rocky Hills MS   Coaching 
Springbrook HS
Watkins Mill HS

* Spanish-language Study Circles. Interpreters were provided for administration and staff to participate in English.

Schools Hosting Study Circles: Previous Years