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Northeast Consortium Roundtables Address Race and School Choice


Twenty-one parents, teachers, and students from the Northeast Consortium participated in a six-week study circle focused on racial barriers to School Choice. The program was organized by PTSA leaders who felt that too many families were choosing schools based on racial misperceptions rather than the Signature programs offered at each school.

After completing the study circle with prioritized action steps, the participants presented their suggestions at a June 8th meeting with the Community Superintendent, staff from the Consortia office, principals from the Middle and High Schools, and PTSA leadership from across the consortium. The Community Superintendent's office is now forming a committee to move some of these actions forward.

Please click on the links below to see the suggested action steps, an article from the Gazette, and notes from one of the sessions in which participants discussed stereotypes and perceptions.


Joy Achikeh, Marie Alexandre, Sabrina Austin, Aaron Campbell, Anne Carson, Orit Chicherio, Talia Chicherio, Jemina Cornejo, Rhonda Dillard, Sakura Johnson, Jeffrey Marshall, Neolia Parson, Michelle Waldron Patterson, Cynthia Price, Anne Regan, Salomon Satche, Mary Thorngren, Tuwana Wall, Maggie Whall, Kathleen Whitman, Malcolm Wyche