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About School-Based Counselors

Professional school counselors are leaders who advocate, collaborate, and facilitate individual and system change to ensure every student has the knowledge and skills necessary for academic success and personal growth. There are certified, professional school counselors in each elementary, middle, and high school within MCPS. You can reach your child's school counselor by contacting your child's school.

Learn more about the roles of school-based counselors and get answers to frequently asked questions about:

About School Counseling Services

School Counseling Services works to promote the academic success and personal growth of every student through:

  • Supporting the implementation of the MCPS Comprehensive School Counseling Program
  • Providing staff development, consultation, and resources that enhance the knowledge and skills of school counselors.
  • Collaborating with other MCPS departments, higher education, and community agencies.
  • Providing education and outreach to parents and other community members.