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Well-Being, Learning, and Achievement

High School Counseling Services

At the high school level, school counselors meet with students regularly to guide and support them through academic and career planning. School counselors manage the process for students reviewing and updating rigorous comprehensive plans to support post-secondary educational and career goals.

School counselors also work with students to help them develop competence in decision making, interpersonal relationships, personal responsibility, and other skills essential for being a productive citizen.

Frequently Asked Questions at the High School Level

Who is available in high school counseling offices to help students?
The person responsible for coordinating all of the people and resources within a high school counseling office is the resource counselor. Counselors are typically assigned to work with students whose last names fall within certain sections of the alphabet. Some high schools have assigned particular counselors to work with 9th grade students. The guidance secretary coordinates student and parent appointments with counselors. The registrar maintains student records including report cards and transcripts. The college/career coordinator manages the resources available to students in the school Career Center.

What resources are available to students within the school's Career Center?
Many print and electronic resources are available to students within school Career Centers. Examples of the available print resources are: college catalogs and handbooks; career planning guides; college and financial aid applications; and, college testing registration materials. Examples of available electronic resources are: the Choices and CX Online career and college planning applications of the Bridges.Com company; the Naviance online college admissions application; and, many other online resource. Of course, the college/career coordinator is a great resource within the school Career Center.

Do high school counselors meet with students to discuss issues other than scheduling and college admissions?
Absolutely! High school counselors meet with students individually and in small groups to discuss a wide range of issues that impact teenagers. These issues can range from making the transition to a new school, to interpersonal conflicts with peers and adults, to difficult decisions about social and emotional stressors.

Are other resources available if a student's needs are particularly intense?
Yes. High school counselors regularly collaborate with the school nurse, the school psychologist, the school's pupil personnel worker (who acts as a liaison to many school system resources), and with private therapists and other community-based resources. With needed, high school counselors act as case managers in referring students to alternative education and special education resources as well as community-based programs.

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