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Psychological Services MCPSGuiding Principles of the Comprehensive School Counseling Program:

  • Reaches every student
  • Is comprehensive in scope
  • Is preventative in design
  • Is developmental in nature
  • Is culturally competent
  • Champions equity, access, and social justice
  • Is an integral part of a total educational program for student success
  • Addresses measurable student standards in the areas of academic, personal, interpersonal, career, and healthy development
  • Includes classroom guidance, responsive counseling, individual planning and system support
  • Is conducted in collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Uses data to drive program decisions
  • Monitors student progress
  • Measures both process and outcome results and analyzes critical data elements
  • Seeks improvement each year based on results data
  • Shares successes with stakeholders
  • Is clearly aligned with the mission of the schools
  • Is based on national standards