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Well-Being, Learning, and Achievement

About school-based Counselors

There are certified, professional school counselors in each elementary, middle, and high school in the Montgomery County Public Schools. School counselors are critical partners in the delivery of a high quality education for all students and contribute significantly to the removal of barriers to learning.

They work in partnership with school staff to teach skills that are necessary for academic success and to promote positive academic, personal, interpersonal, health, and career development for all students. Counselors equip students to embrace their full potential and to strive to achieve their personal and academic aspirations.

What school-based Counselors Do

In all schools, school counselors:

  • Provide the MCPS Comprehensive School Counseling Program to all students
  • Provide information to students and families about academic programs and opportunities
  • Inform families about community resources
  • Support students in their transition from one school level to another
  • Communicate with students, staff, parents, and community members about available school counseling services
  • Understand and support the unique needs of the diverse school population
  • Work proactively with students
  • Address problems that affect student success in the school setting
  • Support the school when there is a crisis in the school community
  • Consult with staff and parents

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