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NEW Really Good Stuff Terms

  • All MCPS orders will receive free shipping! 
  • All MCPS orders will receive a 3% discount, with price quote! 
  • Email for price quotes.

NEW Lakeshore Learning Catalog Discount Terms

  • All MCPS orders will receive free shipping!
  • All MCPS orders will receive a 5% discount! 
  • Be sure to include the MCPS Lakeshore Account #197703 when ordering.

NEW rates for WATER COOLER SERVICES in 2018/2019

  • Effective August 1, 2018, there will be a price increase for DS Service/Crystal Springs  
  • Cooler rentals will be $1.99 per month     
  • Bottled water will be $3.79 per 5-gallon bottle  

We have an Office Depot Store!

 Attention FMS Users: The new Office Depot store is now online in FMS! The OfficeMax store in FMS has been replaced with a modern, web-based shopping experience, with more interactive item displays and more relevant search results. Shop and check-out the same way you did in the OfficeMax store.

The changeover to the new store is a result of the Office Depot/OfficeMax merger. For more details about the changeover, see the November 10, 2016 memo, Office Depot/OfficeMax Migration in FMS.

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For information about Textbooks & Instructional Materials, please see the Instructional Center on myMCPS.

Purchasing Card

Visit the Purchasing Card page for the User's Guide, forms, and FAQ.

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The Procurement Unit supports the Department of Materials Management (DMM), and the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) mission, vision, and strategic goals by providing vendor contracts for schools and offices to purchase high-quality goods and services at reasonable costs.