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*Coming Soon* Supplier Portal

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) is excited to announce the implementation of our Supplier Portal. We have shifted to a cloud-based solution to provide a better experience for supplier management.

Our system can accommodate prospective suppliers who would like to create an online account for bidding as well as full access to purchase orders and invoices for existing companies that we are already doing business with. Each business partner registered will be offered a secure login and will be able to manage their own documents and data without any access to confidential or unnecessary information. We will be working in partnership with our suppliers and vendors to streamline the processes for bidding, request for proposals, and catalog management.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an MCPS supplier. The goal of this guide is to provide business owners access to procurement opportunities with MCPS.

The links at below contain everything you'll need to get started! Also, please review our statement of Mission, Values, and Principles, or download the complete Procurement Manual. If you have further questions, contact our Division of Procurement directly at 240-740-7600 or email Angela McIntosh-Davis, director.

MCPS Procurement Department

Step 1

All suppliers must register (existing and prospective).

I need to register

Step 2

Montgomery County Public Schools will review your request within two weeks. If approved, you will receive a registration email with additional instructions.

Step 3

After receiving the email with the instructions to register, please register in the Supplier Portal.

Supplier Resources

Doing Business with MCPS

MCPS supports a well-rounded business base assisting all suppliers through training and outreach activities. Upon request, the Division of Procurement will provide information to vendors that are interested in being business partners. It is recommended that any vendor interested in a bidding opportunity register with eMaryland Marketplace Advantage ( to receive notifications for upcoming opportunities. Additionally, division staff participates in county and state outreach activities specifically targeted to small businesses and businesses owned and operated by minorities, females, and disabled individuals.

The MCPS Business Hub Supplier Portal improves the way that your business can interact with MCPS.

In addition to registering in eMaryland Marketplace Advantage, for prospective vendors and suppliers who are not already doing business with MCPS, you can also register as a prospective supplier in our portal. Registration will enable you to receive notifications when your service or commodity are advertised for bid and allow your business to respond to our solicitations electronically.

The Supplier Portal is a comprehensive and secure solution that provides management and performance tools to lower operational costs and streamline the ordering and invoicing process. Please review the resources below to understand how to use the Supplier Portal for self-service access to information and managing tasks.

Commitment to Supplier Diversity

MCPS understands that our student success comes from diverse perspectives and we have a commitment to a diverse supply chain. We recognize the importance of diverse suppliers to the economy and our school community. Our team is committed to ensuring that supplier diversity is integrated into our strategic sourcing and procurement processes to generate efficiency, innovation, and increased opportunities for diverse suppliers. We strive to create opportunities that foster inclusive procurement and promote local economic growth in alignment with a competitive advantage.

We encourage you to explore resources for Small, Minority, Women, and Veteran-owned businesses.


Contractor/Vendor Information

E-Maryland Marketplace has a new name eMMA!

NEW REGISTRATION is required! All past registrations created in the old E-Maryland Marketplace are no longer in effect. All MCPS vendors MUST re-register on the new eMMA website to continue to receive notifications about our bid opportunities!

Using eMMA is the ONLY way for your business to find out about all of the supplier opportunities we have to offer! MCPS is required by law to post all notices of new bidding opportunities through the eMMA website--your business must go through the eMMA website to obtain bid information.

When you register on eMMA, you'll be able to select the products and services for which you would like to receive bid notifications--not only from MCPS, but from other state and local agencies as well!

Be sure your business is registered AND that you have made your bid notification selections! If you do not select your bid notifications, even if your business is registered, you may not receive notifications about new bids from MCPS!

For an overview on how to use eMMA, see the guidebook Vendor Quick Reference Guide. To learn how to select which bid notifications you will receive, see the pdf guide on Managing Vendor Profile. (Vendor guide #2 in the Vendor Quick Reference Guide.)

To register your business, visit the website: eMMA.

Required Criminal Background Checks

Keeping our Children Save with required criminal background checks and our Contractor Obligation Requirements

Contractor Obligation Packet

Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier Portal improves the way that MCPS interacts and collaborates with our Suppliers. This dynamic, secure solution provides superior management, performance tools, and visibility.
No, there is no cost to register for Supplier Portal.
All communications and learning assets are being posted on the Supplier page of the Republic Services website. If you have any immediate question(s), send an e-mail to

Supplier Information Request