Add students to your Bookshare account and add teachers as sponsors

Identify Members (Students)

Members are the students who are eligible to use the materials that you download for them from You'll need to work with the special educators in your building to determine which students benefit from using text readers for reading books. Those students should have IEPs. It makes sense that students in your building who need Bookshare would also have the "text reader" accommodation on their IEPs.

Once you've identified these students, you'll add them as "members" on your school's Bookshare account.

Inform the ITSS

You'll need to give the list of students who will be using copyrighted materials to your school's ITSS. The ITSS will give those students access to the Copyrighted Text folder on your school network.

What is the Copyrighted Text folder?

All MCPS school servers have two folders for storing digital text. These folders are found in the "Student Shared" network drive. They are called "Copyrighted Text" and "Copyright Free Text." The Copyrighted Text folder is restricted to staff and students who are determined eligible by the school team. This is where you will save the books you download for students.

Which students are permitted access to the Copyrighted Text folder?

All students who are Bookshare members should have access to the Copyrighted Text folder. Some other students may also require access. If they are permitted to use copyrighted materials in digital format for instruction, then they should have access to the Copyrighted Text folder.

Identify Sponsors

Sponsors are the staff members who have their own login and password to Bookshare so that they can download books on behalf of students (members). Sponsors at your school will be able to download books for any student - not just the students in their own classes. Therefore, sponsors might be the media specialist, paraeducators, or classroom teachers.

You can add sponsors to your school's Bookshare account at any time. When you do so, the sponsor will receive a welcome email from Bookshare with a link to set up a password. Therefore, you should explain Bookshare to staff members before adding them as sponsors and tell them to be sure to click on the email to set up their password. They will not be able to login to until they do so.

Collaborate with others in your building

Using effectively involves working together with others in your building. You'll need special educators to be involved with identifying the students who can benefit from digital text and to certify that those students are eligible to use You'll need the IT staff in your building to give those students access to the Copyrighted Text folder where the books will be stored.

You also need each other's support in order to use text readers effectively in your school. Where are your computers located? What text reader software will you be using? Who are the people in your building who can help with technical issues? Who are the instructional leaders in your building who can help effectively incorporate using text readers into the day to day instruction? What expectations do you have of paraeducators in your building to help students using digital books?

These questions need to be part of a collaborative process with special and general education teachers and paraeducators.


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