HIAT Forms

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Description Adobe (PDF) Word (DOC)
UDL Planner helps teachers or teams frontload strategies to support all students.   UDL Planner with Notes (doc) or UDL Planner (doc) 
SETT Form for AT Consideration to document a team meeting to consider accessible technology for a student. SETT (143K pdf)   SETT (34K doc)
AT Trial Period Planning Form to document a trial using assistive technology. Trial Period (33K pdf)  Trial Period (37K doc)  
AT Implementation Plan to document how needed technology will be used. Implementation Plan (40K pdf)  Implementation Plan (46K doc)  
Written Productivity Profile (WPP) Form for recording student data. See the tools page for more information and directions. WPP Form (86K pdf)   WPP Form (109K doc)  
Written Productivity Student Handwriting Form for the student to complete the handwriting portion of the WPP. Student Handwriting
(80K pdf)  
Student Handwriting (57K doc)  
Student Profile Planner to help you gather student information prior to the SETT meeting. Profile Planner (30K pdf)  Profile Planner (180K doc)