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DeCoste Writing Protocol 

The DeCoste Writing Protocol (DWP) helps IEP teams make informed decisions about accommodations for writing.  MCPS has a district-wide license to the DWP. 


Directions and supporting documents needed to administer the DeCoste Writing Protocol 

(MCPS log in required)


Overview of the DWP

The DWP consists of four parts:


Handwriting/Keyboarding Comparison (Parts 1 and 2)

Comparing a student’s handwriting and typing speed and accuracy can provide good information about the specific components of the writing process that challenge the student and whether an accommodation will be successful, or may require some training before providing benefit.

The student’s handwriting and typing speed and accuracy are compared across the following five tasks:
  a. Alphabet
  b. Best Sentence Copy 
  c. Dictated Sentence
  d. Fast Sentence Copy
  e. Composed Text

Spelling Analysis (Part 3)

Understanding a student’s developmental spelling skills can help determine which assistive technology tools might be most successful for the student.

Extended Writing (Part 4)

Examining a student’s approach to writing a longer passage can help determine how a student will respond to various AT tools and what sorts of training might be needed for success.