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Frequently Asked Questions about HIAT Consultation

What is the SETT Framework?

SETT refers to Student / Environment / Tasks / Tools. It is a framework that matches the needs of the individual to appropriate tools in targeted educational environments to accomplish targeted tasks. Use of the SETT Framework is generally considered the national standard for considering assistive technology. Learn more about the SETT framework.

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What is a SETT meeting?

A SETT meeting is the first step in AT consideration. A school team uses the SETT framework to understand the needs of a student and set priorities for what to try. When a school team asks for HIAT's support at this stage of the process, a HIAT team member will facilitate the meeting. At the end of the meeting, the team will usually set up a technology Trial Period.

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What is a Trial Period?

A Trial Period is how the school team determines if the assistive technology they chose to try is actually serving the intended purpose for the student. more about trial periods 

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Is it necessary for HIAT services to be indicated on the IEP?

No. HIAT provides support to school teams to make informed decisions about assistive technology.  This is not a direct service to students nor can HIAT staff replace the team members as providers of assistive technology services to students.

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But I thought that AT Consideration was documented on every IEP.

Yes, it is. If assistive technology strategies prove effective at the conclusion of a trial period, these strategies should be listed under Supplementary Aids and Services on the IEP.  Teams with questions about how to document AT on the IEP may call or email HIAT with questions.

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