SETT Framework: The AT Cycle

Using the SETT Framework to
Consider AT

There are many ways to consider AT, but all professionals agree that the process of consideration should include:

  • A team approach
  • Consideration of a student's present level of performance
  • Consideration of the specific tasks a student needs to accomplish

Make sure that you focus the discussion on specifics rather than generalities. The team should focus on a need area and work together to understand the causes of the problem. Answering specific questions about the student will lead to a solution that is likely to work. The SETT framework provides a structure for the consideration process.

Resources for Considering AT

Use the SETT form (32K doc) to guide and document the process of AT consideration.

HIAT assists teams in MCPS to consider AT using the SETT Framework by answering questions providing website resources, and where appropriate, modeling the process directly with school teams. MCPS staff can request assistance from HIAT by completing this survey.

Learn More about SETT Framework

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