Tips and Reminders

Ordering Policies

  • Change requests: Do not make changes or cancellations to an order if there is a purchase order or sales order number assigned.
  • Non-catalog requests (NCRs): The Procurement Unit has established $100 as the minimum order amount for NCRs. Any NCRs totaling less than $100 will be rejected. This does not include instructional materials, textbooks, library materials, catalog/bid items, Office Depot, or warehouse orders. Schools and offices should consider the cost of processing orders when making small purchases. Purchase cards should be used as the preferred method for making small dollar purchases. Be aware that the purchase of materials and equipment using the purchase card or independent activity fund (IAF) accounts are subject to the same requirements as those applicable to purchases made through the procurement process. (See MCPS Regulation DJA-RA.)
  • Requisitions: Create separate requisitions for Office Depot, warehouse, catalog/bid, and NCR items. For NCR items, there should be only one supplier and category per requisition.


  • Be sure to receive against the purchase order number, not the requisition number.

Reviewing Outstanding Purchase Orders and Commitments

  • Please regularly review outstanding purchase orders for your location. If item(s) ordered have not arrived within 30 days, contact the supplier to verify the status of the purchase order. Some open purchase orders should be cancelled if the supplier is not able to satisfy the order, residual amounts remain after an order has been paid, or if payment was made directly to the supplier without reference to the purchase order. Purchase orders that remain outstanding continue to reserve funds that could otherwise be spent by the school or department. Contact the Procurement Unit to cancel any purchase orders that should be closed out.
  • Frequently check the FMS Matching Hold Detail Report, which the Accounts Payable supervisor distributes monthly.


  • If you are adding an additional approver to a requisition, ensure that the approver has sufficient iProcurement responsibilities, and notify the approver of your actions.
  • Set up a new account owner or acting account owner before ordering items, 30 days prior to the current account owner leaving or relocating within MCPS.
  • Check your notifications to ensure that the account owner approves requisitions within the required time frame. Your requisitions will be timed out and sent back to you if they are not approved within 21 days after being submitted for approval. This applies to all approvers in the workflow.