Radon Testing and Mitigation Program

The health and safety of our students are paramount to all of us at Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). A part of our environmental safety program is to follow the guidelines of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for radon testing and remediation.

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) has been testing for radon in schools since the late 1980s. Comprehensive systemwide testing of all MCPS facilities also was initiated in late 2015, and mitigation activities were completed during spring and summer 2016. Final post-mitigation testing concluded in fall 2016. Testing and mitigation procedures complied with applicable U.S. EPA guidelines and industry best practices.

MCPS conducts periodic retesting of all MCPS facilities on a five-year cycle. For facilities that have an active mitigation system, retesting will be conducted on a two-year cycle. In addition, facilities with new construction or other capital projects (i.e., window replacement or large ventilation upgrades) will be retested. This retesting frequency was developed with guidance from the EPA and other experts in the field.

Current and previous radon results for each facility can be found here.

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EPA – Radon Measurement in Schools

Radon Testing Summary and Reports

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School is not the only place that students and teachers can be exposed to radon. Since children spend only about 20 percent of their time at school, and more time at home, EPA recommends that every home also should be tested. If parents and guardians are interested in testing their home for radon, more information can be found at the following link:

How can I test my home for radon?