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The Department of Facilities Management (DFM) is committed to operational performance excellence and continuous improvement. The primary goal of DFM is to ensure that Montgomery County Public Schools facilities meet the needs the needs of all stakeholders. 


Strategic Plans and Linkages Charts

Click on the icons below to view the individual Strategic Plans for DFM, the divisions, or team units. Click on the links to view the various Linkages Charts.


Strategic Plan-DFM   DFM Linkages Chart



Strategic Plan-DCP   DCP Linkages Chart

Strategic Plan-DOC   DOC Linkages Chart


Strategic Plan-DOM   DOM Linkages Chart 

Strategic Plan-SPO   SPO Linkages Chart


Team Units

Strategic Plan-ERT   

Strategic Plan-REM   REM Linkages Chart

Strategic Plan-SERT   SERT Linkages Chart

Strategic Plan-SSP   SSP Linkages Chart