Conservation posters are available to help you promote energy conservation and recycling in your school!

Each year, MCPS students and staff are encouraged to participate in the Watts Up? energy/water conservation and recycling awareness poster contest, sponsored by SERT. The entries are judged and winners are chosen. Some of the winning entries are then converted into large (17"x 22") full-color posters and distributed systemwide. The posters shown here are available from SERT via Maximo. Click here for ordering instructions and a list of recycling supplies and posters available. Click on an image for full-screen view. For more information about SERT's annual Watts Up? poster contest, click here

2018-Kang     2018-Zhang     2018-Hess


2018-Foley     Watts Up? Poster by Jay Rudegeair, 2016     2015 Watts Up? Poster 3


Poster3    Poster2      Poster6


 Poster32     Poster30     Poster23