Please note that this campaign is now retired.

Students at the middle and high school levels are challenged to create a model resource conservation plan to include energy conservation and responsible recycling projects or initiatives toward a sustainable future. The SERT program encourages all MCPS secondary schools to participate in the Lead by Example campaign to raise awareness and further reinforce a culture of conservation and sustainability at their school and in their communities. Many of the entries include behavioral strategies, energy efficiency projects, and awareness campaigns. Successful initiatives, such as energy audits with recommended conservation practices, task lamps for staff, computer shutdowns, contests, recycling weight increase plans, video and social media awareness strategies, become standard practices at schools as a result of this campaign. All of these actions promote behaviors among students, staff and the community to be responsible environmental stewards. The winning entries with proven projects and initiatives are highlighted in SERT’s publications and flyers.


2019 Lead by Example Information Sheet

2019 Lead by Example Entry Form

2019 Lead by Example Matrix