Drive for Supplies Campaign

All schools have been asked to participate in the 2019 Drive for Supplies campaign. Make sure you've registered your school as a participant. Click here.  

SERT is proud to partner with Student Affairs in encouraging students to clean out their lockers, book bags, desks, and closets and donate their usable school supplies to families in need through the annual Drive for Supplies campaign. This annual effort is done in collaboration with Learn Shop, Inc., and is now in its 20th year. 

End-of-the-year cleanup provides a great opportunity for schools to participate and contribute to this annual campaign. The Drive for Supplies event teaches students that they can have a direct impact on communities by donating their reusable school supplies to local, national, and international schools and organizations. It further teaches the importance of recycling and reducing solid waste.  

During the 2018 campaign, 70 schools participated in the campaign and 8,805 pounds of school supplies were collected, almost double the weight collected in 2017. Gaithersburg Elementary School, North Bethesda Middle School, and Albert Einstein High School were the winners. Superintendent Smith has put forth the challenge of increasing participation to 88 schools this year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the campaign which runs from May 16 to June 14. Click here for a video about the 2018 campaign and on the links below for information about the 2019 campaign.  


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