S. Christa McAuliffe Elementary School

12500 Wisteria Drive
Germantown, MD 20874

S Christa McAuliffe Elementary School Render


Keller Brothers, Inc.


Hord Coplan Macht, Inc.

MCPS Construction Contact

Ken Futch

Design Work Session #3 Presentation
Design Work Session #2 Presentation
Design Work Session #1 Presentation

The purpose of this project is to provide needed capacity and eliminate the need for relocatable classrooms on site. The addition project will increase the school’s capacity to 740 students by adding ten classrooms; six standard classrooms, and four kindergarten. The addition will also include an instrumental music room, large instructional support room, therapy support room and a staff development suite. The core facilities of the existing school are currently designed to accommodate 740 students. Therefore this project will not require the expansion of the multipurpose room, media center, or administration suite.

  • The design of the addition creates better circulation by connecting the existing corridors and allows for a continuous loop circulation.
  • The design eliminates the current dead end corridor.
  • The new second story provides accessibility to the upper fields.
  • The placement of the addition allows for phasing of the construction while minimizing the effect of school operations.