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DuFief Elementary School
Addition/Facility Upgrade

15001 DuFief Drive
Gaithersburg, MD 20878


Henley Construction Management



MCPS Construction Contact

Ken Futch

Current Project Status
Feasibility Study Information
June 8, 2021 PTA Meeting Presentation
January 9, 2020 Board of Education Presentation
November 5, 2019 Work Session 2 Presentation
October 15, 2019 Work Session 1 Presentation
Community Meeting Notice

The objectives of this project are to construct a replacement Elementary School and to address the increase in student enrollment of Rachel Carson Elementary School. Following the guideline provided in the Regulation FAA-R4 Long-range Educational Facilities Planning, the proposed replacement facility will be designed for a capacity of approximately 740 students including the core spaces.

The building design will encourage a flexible approach to accommodate the educational program and maximum connectivity to the surrounding physical environment. Each instructional area will have adequate learning spaces, work areas, restrooms, and storage facilities.

The following are key elements of the project design:

  • Minimize footprint to reduce impact on existing DuFief site
  • The main entrance of the school will address DuFief Drive
  • Provide safe site access (pedestrian and vehicular) with separate bus and student drop-off loops and strategically located curb cuts and crosswalks
  • Provide streamlined circulation within the building with appropriate programmatic adjacencies
  • Provide accessible community use spaces without sacrificing school security
  • Provide site amenities, such as new play equipment, that enhance the site and better serve the community and the adjacent DuFief Park
  • Provide a design that responds to the natural environmental features of the site while creating learning opportunities
  • Provide courtyards for increased daylight to classrooms and additional learning opportunities

The proposed project will be designed with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. The architecture and engineering systems will align with facility management sustainability principals to ensure long term operational effectiveness. The project will be certified with Green Globes at a Two Globe level and meet the 2018 International Green Construction Code (IgCC).

Key features related to sustainability include the following:

  • High Performance Building Envelope: High performance insulation and glazing will be utilized to address heat gain and loss through the building envelope. In addition, a light colored roof will be designed to reduce solar heat gain.
  • Daylighting: The building envelope will include low-e double pane windows providing natural light and views from all teaching spaces.
  • High Efficiency LED Lighting with Occupancy Based Controls: Sustainable lighting control design in a typical classroom includes low voltage switches and occupancy sensors.
  • High Efficiency Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Equipment: High efficiency HVAC equipment will be utilized to provide for occupant and thermal comfort within the building at reduced energy consumption.
  • Occupancy and CO2 Demand Control Ventilation: Carbon Dioxide sensors will be utilized for high occupant density spaces to reduce the quantity of outside air used when the spaces are not fully occupied. This will limit the amount of energy used to heat and cool large spaces, like the gymnasium, while they are unused.
  • Recycled Materials: Where the use is appropriate, recycled materials will be specified and used for the construction of the building.
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management: A plan to divert the construction and demolition material from landfills and incinerators will be implemented during construction.
  • Stormwater Treatment: Stormwater management facilities will be implemented into the design to address stormwater runoff from new impervious surfaces. These facilities reduce strain on public storm sewers, help the health of local waterways, and combat erosion and flooding concerns during significant storm events.