Snowden Farm Elementary School
(Clarksburg Village #2)
New Building

22500 Sweetspire Dr
Clarksburg, MD 20871


Hess Construction (CM)



MCPS Construction Contact

Shiho Shibasaki

Clarksburg Cluster Elementary School will utilize the MCPS elementary school prototype building design that was successfully implemented at Great Seneca Creek, William B. Gibbs, Jr., Little Bennett, and Wilson Wims elementary schools with modifications necessary to adapt to the site conditions. Following the guideline provided in the Regulation FAA-RA Long-range Educational Facilities Planning, the proposed new facility will be designed for a capacity of 741 students including the core spaces. The building design will encourage a flexible approach to accommodate the educational program and maximum connectivity to the surrounding physical environment. Each instructional area will have adequate learning spaces, work areas, restrooms, and storage facilities.

  • Locate administration suite adjacent to the main entrance with visual surveillance of the student drop-off and bus loop
  • Provide gymnasium and multi-purpose room accessibility to the school and community during non-school hours
  • Provide safer vehicular access with a student drop-off loop separate from the bus loop
  • Create a defined and welcoming entry
  • Create a building with functional spatial relationships
  • Create a building that allows easy supervision of students