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Word of the month:

Raconteur (noun) A gifted storyteller.
Melvin was a skilled raconteur; he held the students’ full attention with his witty stories.

Tip of the month:

Seven Tips to help make your filing work for you

  1. This one we all know. Transpose names of individuals when filing: last name, first name/initial, middle name/initial. So:
    Donna Mae Brown should be filed under Brown, Donna Mae
    Mary J. Blige should be filed under Blige, Mary J.
    Michael B. Jordan should be filed under Jordan, Michael B.
  1. File last names that include a prefix such as D'. De, De la, Den, Des, Du, El, Fitz, L', La, Las, Le, Lo, Los M', Mac' Mc, O', Saint, St., Ste., Te, Ten, Van, Van der, Von, etc. as one word in alpha order. So:
    D' Genoa gets filed under Dgenoa
    Da Silva under Dasilva
    Van der Poll under Vanderpoll
    McKnight under Macknight
    St. Marie under Stmarie
  1. If you can't tell whether you have a first or a last name, file it as written, then create a cross reference to the transposed name. So:
    Lee Atlas gets filed under Lee Atlas and again under Atlas Lee
    Louie Paul under Louie Paul and again under Paul Louie
  1. Treat hyphenated and compound names as one unit. So:
    Camille Rogers-Hinds gets filed under Rogers-Hinds, Camills
    Donna Marks Pleasant gets filed under Marks Pleasant, Donna
  1. When someone's title is added to the end of the name, file under the last name. So:
    Father Geoffrey Thomas gets filed under Thomas, Geoffrey Father
    John Delany, II gets filed under Delaney, John II
    John H. Kendrick, CPA gets filed under Kendrick John H. CPA
  1. File a business name as written. So:
    Home Depot gets filed under Home Depot
    University of Baltimore under University of Baltimore
    Giant Foods under Giant Foods
    Pre-Med Program under Pre-Med Program
  • File names that start with number under the spelling of the number. So:
    700 Club gets filed under Seven Hundred Club
    1000 Apartments of Southside under One Thousand Apartments of Southside


As always, when in doubt, check it out! Contact the Editorial Help Desk for help (Donna_M_Marks Pleasant@mcpsmd.org) or call 240-740-2971.


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