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Word of the Month

Preempt (verb) To take something before others can get to it.
To take the place of or have precedence over something.
To gain a commanding place over something.
      The President's speech preempted regular programming.

Tip of the Month


Hyphenation: A Quick Review

Here are simple guidelines for hyphenation.

Question: Should I hyphenate a compound noun: a father-in-law, the passer-by, a two-by-four a compound verb: to double-click, to test-market, to sight-read
Answer: Consult the dictionary. Ideally, use Merriam-Webster's 11thEdition.

Question: Should I hyphenate a compound adjective?
Answer: Yes. The hyphen is used to connect the words and numbers to the noun next to them.
Note: An adjective created for an occasion is always hyphenated: A writer-director role, a peach-raspberry flavor, a blue-green chair.

Question: Should I hyphenate the prefix or suffix to a word?
Answer: In most cases you do not. Example: antidote for the virus.
Note: Hyphenate if the word includes a proper noun. Example: post-Thanksgiving activity.

Question: If I do not hyphenate compound words, will the reader misunderstand my sentence?
Answer: Hyphenate compound words only if the reader may misunderstand them.
Example: after-school snacks (not after school-snacks); small-business seminar (not small business-seminar)

If a flicker of doubt floats in your mind, always consult your dictionary.


When in doubt, contact the Editorial Help Desk for help (Donna_M_Marks Pleasant@mcpsmd.org) or call 240-740-2971.

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