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Nescience: (n.) Lack of knowledge. Ignorance. She was surprised at his nescience on baking, although he was a great chef.

Tip of the Month

Which Verb is it? Bear or Bare
The verb to bear is sometimes confused with to bare. Here is a quick tip on how to recognize the difference.

The verb bear has a variety of meanings: to hold, to support, to exhibit, to carry oneself in a specific way, to endure, to give birth to, bear down, bear out, bear up, bear in mind, bring to bear, and bear fruit. Its past tense is bore (e.g., it bore fruit).
Bear is also the correct verb in the common phrases grin and bear it and bear the brunt of.

The verb bare always means to uncover or expose. The past tense is bared.
EXAMPLE: Blowing and drifting snow and cold temperatures continued to make it difficult for any of the snow removers to reach bare pavement.[Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette]

Test Your Knowledge: Choose the Right Word
The chair in the kitchen broke when Jon sat on it; his weight was too much to ____.

Mary looked for her ring everywhere, she even dug through the snow on the driveway until she hit ____ pavement.

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