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Word of the Month

Affable: - easy to talk to; kind and polite.
The students found Bob to be affable when he came to talk to them about tractors and lawn mowers.


Tip of the Month


When to capitalize following a colon:
Capitalize the first word after a colon, if it begins a complete sentence.
      Here is my position on the proposal: We cannot start this project
      without a GoFundMe campaign; a bake sale alone will not
      bring in enough funds.

Do not capitalize after a colon if what follows is a list or a phrase.
      The following positions have been filled: accountant, shop
      foreman, and driver.

How to capitalize in a salutation
      Dear Madam
      My dear Stanley
      Dear Cousin Joan
      My dear Friend
      Most Honorable Judge Baker

When in doubt, contact the Editorial Help Desk for help (Donna_M_Marks@mcpsmd.org)
or call 240-740-2971.


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