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Word of the Month

Wrest (verb). To forcibly pull something away; to take control of something.
She managed to wrest control from the mayor, after a hard-fought campaign.
Maury had to wrest his iPad from his little sister's grubby hands.


Tip of the Month

Prepositions can be challenging; and finding the right one can be a bear. I struggled recently with making a choice. Should I use "by" or "from" in this sentence?
     There may be an appearance [by or from] our mascot at the game.

In the passive voice, the word "by" indicates who is doing the action.
     For example: I enjoyed the performance by our school orchestra last week.

The word "from" is used to express the origin of something.
     For example: These apples are from Montgomery County.

Therefore, the right word for this sentence is “by.”
     There may be an appearance by our mascot at the game.


As always, when in doubt, check it out! Contact the Editorial Help Desk for help (Donna_M_Marks Pleasant@mcpsmd.org) or call 240-740-2971.

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