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Please be advised that the 2016 MCPS Correspondence Manual is under reconstruction, due to major changes in procedures. Stay tuned for updates.


Word of the Month

Quid pro quo (noun) Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines quid pro quo as "something given or received for something else," and "a deal arranging a quid pro quo." The phrase comes from the New Latin, in which it means "something for something."

Tip of the Month

Tips for using a and an before words that start with h or u.
This is a small thing, but it makes your writing so much more credible.
It's all in the details.

Use a before words that start with the enunciated letter h:
    History. A history class about famous churches.
    Hazard. Going without sleep is a hazard to your health.
    Home. She bought a home in the hills.

and with words with the phonic sound yew:
    University. She attended a university in Rome.
    European. France is a European nation.
    URL. You need a URL for your website.

Use an before words that start with silent letter h:
    Hour. It took an hour to drive to the mountains.
    Herb. Use an herb to flavor your cooking.
    Heirloom. The silver brush is an heirloom from my grandmother.

with words that start with a short u:
    Uncle. He is an uncle of mine.
    Underdeveloped. An underdeveloped bee has no wings.
    Urgent. They put out an urgent call for supplies.

and acronyms that start with with a vowel sound:
    M(em)CPS - Montgomery County Public Schools. An MCPS student.
    L(el)GBTQ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer. An LGBTQ study circle.
    N(en)PR - National Public Radio. I work at an NPR station.

Inspired by Woe Is I,  by Patricia T. O'Connor. Copyright 1996.


When in doubt, contact the Editorial Help Desk for help (Donna_M_Marks@mcpsmd.org)
or call 240-740-2971.

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