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Word of the Month

Seminal (adjective): groundbreaking, critical, original, fundamental, influential work that strongly influences later developments.
Synonyms include critical, fundamental, original, and primary.
Albert Einstein wrote a seminal work on the theory of special relativity, which explained the science of motion is related to the speed of light.
Marva wrote a seminal work on the dangers of texting while driving, which we study in drivers education class.


Tip of the Month

Use 3-dimensional adjectives and watch your message bloom
Adjectives are designed to give your nouns voice and form. Use them to draw your readers' attention and paint a 3-dimensional picture of your message; something unforgettable that will easily evoke the response you seek-and stick in their memory.

Here's a cornucopia of examples to help your prose pop:

     They can be expressed in so many eye-opening and surprising ways.
     Delve into the hues:
     Blue can be cerulean, sky blue, sapphire, cobalt, navy, aquamarine
     Yellow can be corn-silk, mustard, amber, gold, blond, dandelion
     Orange can be sweet potato, sunset, tangerine, pumpkin, marigold
     Purple can be eggplant, amethyst, plum, aubergine, royal

     Winter: hibernal, hat-and-gloves weather, blustery, bone-chilling, arctic,
     Spring: Blossom time, vernal, new beginnings, Easter, Passover, melting,
          tax season
     Summer: Warm, sunny, sundress weather, dog days, summery, tropical,
          scorching, steamy, sultry, balmy
     Fall: autumnal; harvest time; pumpkin-spice; Indian summer; fiery red, saffron,
          golden, crimson, and sienna brown leaves

Nouns: (these "adjectives" are also known as attributive nouns)
      a buffet of cheeses, singles bar, summer league, child bride, master cellist, midcentury house

Review your work. Look for any opportunities to enhance the message with a 3-dimensional adjective or two.

As always, when in doubt, check it out! Contact the Editorial Help Desk for help (Donna_M_Marks Pleasant@mcpsmd.org) or call 240-740-2971.


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